Tuesday, December 06, 2005

First snow of the season

Yesterday we got our first beautiful blanket of snow for the season. 18 month old Isaac looked out the storm door anxiously as I bundled him up in his winter coat, hat, and boots. I opened the door and out we went. He had a great time toddling around in the snow, touching it, and falling down in it. As I watched him play in the snow it dawned on me just how happy it made me to see him happy. I realized then and there that ultimately that is my goal for his life. I want him to find true happiness that can only be found when he follows Gods will for his life. As parents we often think we know what is best for our childrens futures but the old saying "Mother knows best" does not always ring as much truth as we let on. Gods plans for our children are so much bigger and better than our own!

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