Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas pictures

Here are some pictures of our Christmas! Top picture is the boys with the Nilo train/play table we bought them for Christmas. 2nd is our giant family stocking and all of our presents around the snow man. We didn't have room for a tree! 3rd is a picture of our Christmas brunch which included Ham and egg casserole, cinnamon biscuits, and an assortment of fruit. Bottom picture is the boys in bed together on Christmas eve night. We had such a nice relaxing day! We attended a Christmas eve service the night before which caused the kids to sleep in until 8:30am since they were out late! We then got up and let the boys see their train table and then slowly took turns unloading our big stocking together. It was so much fun! Next we moved onto our other gifts. We didn't get around to eating brunch until around 11:30! We watched the boys enjoy the new toys for awhile and then everyone took an afternoon nap. When the boys got up we read the Christmas story together. It is Daniel and my tradition to write eachother a letter every Christmas to read aloud to eachother on Christmas day. That is always one of my favorite gifts! I forgot to mention that Daniel bought Grace her first doll for Christmas! I already have it ready for her along with the few other things we have for her arrival! After putting the kids to bed Daniel and I watched a movie together and that pretty much wrapped up all our Christmas activities. What a special day it was! Daniel and I were talking last night about how much more special Christmas is to us now that we have our own family. This was our 4th Christmas together. We cannot wait to celebrate again next year with a new family member added to our bunch!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone! While this has been a busy and hard year for us we have much to celebrate as we reflect on the birth of Christ! I've been thinking alot about Mary lately and how God chose her as a young teen to be the mother of his son. When I feel overwhelmed or too young to handle being a good Mom it is a great comfort to know that God had enough respect for Mary as a young teen to handle being the mother of His son! As we seek to begin a new year my goals are to come into the fullness of what God has for me! To help my husband achieve his dreams and be all that he can be! To respect my children as sons and daughters of the King! To be sensitive to other peoples feelings, To do what it takes to make things right when I am wrong. To not have a pity party about this apartment, Daniels long work hours, whiny babies and toddlers, or the discomforts of pregnancy and breastfeeding! To be in tune with the Father in every circumstance that comes my way. To worry less about what others think of me and more about whether my heart is pure! If you are reading this... would you please help keep me accountable to these goals? Happy birthday Jesus! Thankyou for giving us your life! Help me to give you mine. More of you and less of me! Lindsay

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Michael & Lauren's Wedding

Our siblings officially became Mr. and Mrs. Bailey last Saturday. Lauren was a radiant bride. Lindsay was a beautiful Matron of Honor at nearly 6 mo. pregnant. I was a groomsman and the boys were ring bearers. They did well during the wedding.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun with the event. The first picture is of Lindsay and I at the rehearsal dinner. Isaac had fun scooting James around on a toy fire truck on the morning of the wedding (2nd picture).

Lindsay and Lauren were both breathtaking (3rd picture). The Lord sure blessed the Bradfield family with beautiful daughters. The 4th picture is of Lauren in her wedding dress during the
photo shoot.

Altogether, Lauren and Michael will make a wonderful couple. I am excited to have a new brother in the family. Michael has been a great frinend and we are already close. Below (5th picture) is a picture of Michael and Lauren at the rehearsal dinner.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Giving Thanks...

Hello, Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We enjoyed ours very much. I spent most of Wednesday cooking and then on Thursday we enjoyed some family time with our boys and made a paper turkey that had each of our handprints and what we were Thankful for written on the feathers. Daddy was Thankful for his growing family, Mama was thankful that her dreams are all coming true by Gods grace! Isaac was thankful for his bicycle, James was thankful for food, and Grace had a feather too even though we do not know yet what she is thankful for! Nana, Pops, and Margaret arrived later in the afternoon and we all gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. We enjoyed spending the weekend with family and showing them some of what Williamsburg has to offer! Daniel and I have been talking alot lately about just how much we have to be thankful for. We know know that God has called us to raise up a large army for him and He is just continually teaching us what we need to know to accomplish this by many different means and giving us the grace to handle it when the going gets tough. Our children constantly require us to let go of selfishness and I am so thankful because I have plenty more to get rid of! I heard a saying on a tape recently that has impacted me so much that I cannot stop thinking about it. Here is what it said...

Empires Fall,
Mansions crumble,
Cattle, they die,
Machinery, It rusts away,
Earlthy pleasures vanish in a moment,
But a child lives on and on in the lives of
descendants and those he influences
all the way into eternity!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Its a girl!!!

Hello everyone, Please take your first look at little Grace Rich!!! Thats right, we're having our first girl.
We found out just today and we are thrilled. She is not only our first daughter but our parents first grandaughter and our grandparents first great-grandaughter! After 8 great-grandsons MawMaw and PawPaw Willis have waited a long time for a great-grandaughter! We can hardley wait to hold our baby girl. It was so amazing to see how developed she is at only 16 weeks pregnant! This is an age at which many abortions take place. I do not see how anyone could believe that these tiny babies do not have a right to live! She was worth every ounce of all that morning sickness I endured and even more. I would do it all again!

" Behold, Children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward! " Psalm 127:3
Goodnight and Blessings to all!
Daniel, Lindsay, Isaac, James, and Grace!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Day at Yorktown beach

Hello, Life has gotten much better since the last time I posted. I still spend all my mornings in bed until about lunch time but I am slowly starting to get over this morning sickness! Grandma and Grandpa came up for the weekend and went to church with Daniel on Sunday. We all spent Sunday afternoon at Yorktown beach to watch the boys play in the sand and water. They had a blast! James is walking now and he was so cute waddling around on the beach and then plopping on his fanny. Afterwards we went out for ice cream at the Ben and Jerrys by the York River. Grandpa left early this morning for the 12 hr drive back to Ga and Grandma stayed behind to keep the boys this week and help Daniel with the cooking. It has been like heaven to have her here after trying to manage the house on our own! Daniel is enjoying it the most because he has had delicious dinners that included elk steaks and homemade apple pie! Also his work clothes are clean and ready for him to put on in the morning after sleeping on fresh sheets! I have so enjoyed having the boys home again after having them gone during the day the past few weeks. The boys love having Grandma here. Isaac says Grandma like Gam Ma!
Another wonderful thing that has happened is that Daniel has found a church for us to attend.
It is less than 150 people but it is very family and homeschool friendly. The pastor has 9 kids and there is another family in the church with 10 kids! The pastors children are going to help us out with the boys in the mornings for the next 2 weeks. I am so thankful to have their help! Well, time for me to run. Here are some photos of our day at Yorktown.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I see the light!

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my morning sickness! Praise the Lord! I am reminded of how God promises never to give us more than we can bear. My mornings continue to be rough, I woke up yet again this morning throwing up 3 times but after losing nearly 10lbs it is a great blessing to be able to keep down a good dinner and my nightly bowl of ice cream now! Margaret spent the week with us last week to helpout with our boys and it was a great blessing to have her here. I enjoyed her company tremendously. The boys are going to spend next week with the Allen family during the day while Daniel works. The Allens are a wonderful homeschooling family we met through a mutual connection soon after moving here. Mrs. Allen is expecting their 6th blessing in the coming weeks, homeschooling 4 children, and still very selflessly agreed to let our boys stay at their home. We are so thankful for their servants hearts! Their home is very small with only 3 br and 1 ba and yet they make it work. Daniel and I hope that as our family grows that we will display the same joy as the Allens!
We took our boys to the beach today and had a great time. They played in the water together splashing eachother and played in the sand. I thought James would get whiny since he is still so young to be out on the beach but he didn't. In fact, neither of the boys wanted to leave! Isaac was hillarious, If he was in the water he wanted James in the water with him and would shout " come on" whenever James decided to crawl back to where we were sitting. It felt so good just to sit outside today and enjoy watching our boys play in the fresh air. Daniel has decided that he wants to do lots of outdoor activities in October when I am fully recovered so that we can enjoy the Fall weather before getting cooped in an apartment all winter! We have a family camping trip planned for the first weekend in October and a trip to Washington D.C. to visit my cousins family planned for the following weekend. We will be traveling to Abingdon the 3rd weekend for the Rich family reunion and then on the 4th weekend Josh and Leah are plannning to come and visit us and to get a good taste of Williamsburg! Gotta go, Daniel is getting out the ice cream! Love and blessings to all.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Morning sickness

It has come to my attention that most people have no idea how bad morning sickness can be! Whenever I heard of someone with morning sickness growing up I always thought of it as no big deal, just something that comes with having a baby and only happens in the morning! Was I ever wrong! If you thought I was the perfect christian who wanted 7 or 8 kids and always had a positive outlook on everything , I am about to give you a different opinion of me! I am so sick of morning sickness right now that I just want to scream! The nausea reaches points where it is honestly unbearable. Sometimes you are so dizzy and nauseated you cannot even see straight and all you can do is lay in bed and wait to throw up. Thought it is worse in the morning the nausea and vomiting will hit at any point during the day! You hate to even leave the house. Sometimes the nausea will even waken you in the middle of the night and send you running for the toilet waking up your very tired husband in the process. When you have been throwing up 3 and 4 times daily for a few days your body becomes so weak and tired you do not have the energy to do anything except lay around. The nausea is so constant that you forget what it felt like to feel good. Once you have thrown up everything in you and you are still feeling sick as a dog your body resorts to dry heaves. Usually following these vomiting/dry heav episodes you will spend about 30 mins choking and gagging on vomit tasting mucous that got left behind in the esophogas. Finally when it is all over you can brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out with listerine and go back to bed still feeling absolutely horrible. You honestly wish you could go into a coma for a month and come back when you are around 4 months pregnant so that it will all be over. Some women even experience it for the entire 9 months but most women will not even have it nearly as bad as I have. How I envy those women who do not get it or who at least only get the nausea without the constant vomiting! I'm sure most of you are thinking how on earth could she want so many kids after this? I must be completely honest. When I am in the height of morning sickness I always start talking to Daniel about the posibilty of adopting the rest of our children:-). He takes it in stride and goes along with it to make me happy but all the while he knows that as soon as morning sickness is over that I will change my mind. I find it truly amazing how the Lord causes us to forget all the pain and sickness associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It really is true because I forget about it every time. I guess the Lord knows that if we truly reemembered most of us would only have one child! Am I willing to go through this again? Maybe 4 or 5 more times? YES! When I am laying on my sofa watching my little boys play, I know in my heart that it was worth it all! It is a hefty price to pay but the reward is priceless! In the meantime, I will keep laying on my sofa with my eyes shut imaging myself holding my precious new baby next spring!

Monday, August 14, 2006


It is with deepest joy that we announce that God has decided to make us a family of 5! Our newest family member is due to arrive sometime around April 1st. Please keep me in your prayers as I am battling severe nausea. Our boys are with Nana and Pops in Bluefield this week as we seek to hire a lady or young homeschool student to come and help out with the boys for a few weeks while I am not feeling well.
We celebrated James 1st Birthday in Bluefield on Satuday! We had a great time and he was just as cute as he could be devouring his own little birthday cake. I will try and post pictures later. He was blessed with an abundace of gifts and attention! You would never know he was a 2nd born! He has been our most easy going, laid back baby. Everybody likes to squeeze him!
I couldn't help but think on Saturday how blessed we were to be celebrating his 1st birthday after such a scary car accident that so easily could have taken his life only months earlier. I know without a doubt that God has big plans for little James!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We're in Williamsburg!

Hello, We finally made it to Williamsburg and have somewhat settled in here at Monticello apartments. We have only been here just over a week but so far we have been to Colonial Williamsburg, Buckroe beach, and spent lots of time at the pool here at Monticello. Apartment life is much different but I must say that I enjoy not having much to clean and Daniel not having to cut grass or do home repairs. It gives us more time to spend together as a family and to enjoy Williamsburg. This weekend we are planning to take the boys to water USA and to visit a new church. We finally got my computer and real etsate software plugged in so I am back to working on that again as well. Daniels new job is going well and he loves it. He has also been taking advantage of the weight room here at Monticello.
Well, before I end this I just have to tell a funny Isaac story. The other day the boys were playing quietly in their room when I saw what looked like a cloud of smoke come out of their bedroom. I immediately went to check on them and saw Isaac shaking a large bottle of powder as hard as he could over brothers head. Brother was ghost white from head to toe as well as the entire bedroom and everything in it. The bottle of powder was almost empty by the time he was caught and all I could see in this thick cloud of powder was 2 large blue eyes and 2 brown eyes starring at me. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen! I got several pictures to go in Isaacs scrapbook so I can show him what he did someday:-)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Our 3rd Anniversary

Hard to believe but yesterday marked our 3rd wedding anniversary! As we look back on these last 3 years we are amazed at how much God has blessed us. They have been the best 3 years of our lives. Daniel came home from work yesterday with a lovely card in which he stated that the only thing he would do differently if we could go back is gotten married a year sooner! I feel the same way. We had no idea this kind of happines existed. It is certainly a doing of the Lord!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Job change

Well, Lots of things have happened since I wrote that last post. First of all we celebrated Isaacs 2nd Birthday in GA with relatives which was alot of fun! We gave him a tractor with a bucket for his gift as seen in the picture above. He loves it! He has now graduated from his baby bed to a toddler bed, we even allowed him to stay in Ga following his birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days. The other big thing to happen is that Daniel has taken a different job. Before he signed any paperwork with MBP another company called him (English Construction) and gave him a far better offer and the opportunity of his dreams. Daniel accepted the offer to help mange/oversee the construction of a navy base in Portsmouth Va and also do some scheduling for the I-64 expansion project in Richmond. The company has asked us to relocate to Williamsburg, VA for the duration of the Navy base project which is scheduled to be completed in August of 2007. Daniel, James, and I have been in Williamsburg this week looking for a place to live. We found a beautiful apartment community named Monticello with a pool and workout facility which we just loved and have already signed a one year lease to rent a bottom floor apartment with 1370 sq ft. We chose a larger one with a fire place to have room for all the guests we hope will come and visit us! We were also thrilled to find out while we were there that Williamsburg residents can get a one year pass for only $10 per family to do anything there is to do in Colonial Williamsburg and get major discounts on passes to all the surrounding attractions such as Busch gardens. I know that we will have a wonderful time in Williamsburg. The hardest thing about this move will be leaving Christiansburg and being so far from family. To any of my fellow MOPS I regret that I won't be able to come next year. To all my Mary Kay customers I can still mail you whatever you need, and to any other friends and family I am sorry if this announcement has caught you as off guard as it has us! We certainly want to do our best to stay in touch with everyone and if you know anyone who needs to rent a large house in Christiansburg please let us know as we will be seeking to rent our house out for the month of July on. It is a 4 br 2 1/2 ba home close to the downtown area. Well, Its getting late so I had better be heading to bed. Love and Blessings to all, Lindsay

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This picture says a thousand words! It has now been over a month since the accident and we are all doing great. Daniel is still seeing a chiropractor 3 times a week but he is healing nicely. We continue to praise God for his mercy towards us. Daniel is now wrapping up his thesis and will give his pre-defence May 8th! He has taken a great job with an Engineering consulting firm in Roanoke. We are very excited! We have temporarily put remodeling our house on hold for Daniel to finish up the semester but we look forward to being able to make some progress on it this summer. I have busy studying for my real estate license, participating in the local MOPS group, and of course training up our boys! Isaac can repeat almost anything we say now and James can scoot/crawl to wherever he wants to go! They are both such a blessing. Isaac will celebrate his 2nd birthday May 8th and we are planning a Bob the Builder themed birthday party for him in GA the following weekend. Well thats all for now. Blessings to all who read this! Lindsay

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Look what God saved us from!

Pic. 1: Inside of wrecked van

Pic 2: Passanger side of wrecked van

Pic. 3: Front of wrecked van

Lindsay's Perspective:
Daniel and I would like to share with you all today what God has done for us! As most of you know we left 2 weeks ago to spend a week visiting our family in Hawaii. We had a great time! We flew out of Hawaii Friday afternoon and had 3 jam packed flights back to Atlanta with the boys in our laps. We arrived in Rome around lunch time on Saturday afternoon. We were exhausted but we were both determined to treat it as a normal day and go to bed that night with everyone else so we could get our bodies back on eastern time. We were hungry and in the the mood for mexican food so we decided to go to a nearby mexican restaurant. We did not think twice about driving as the size of our family makes it difficult to ride with anyone anymore! Daniel drove over and I sat in the passenger seat talking to him constantly to be sure he did not doze off. We ate and then headed back to our van when Daniel told me he felt too tired to drive so I quickly said "thats fine, I'll drive back". We made it to HWY 140 about 1/2 mile from my parents house when all of a sudden my body shut down and when I looked up there was a rode sign and 2 mail boxes in my face. We of course hit both and I did not have time to regain control of the van before we ran into a ditch and flipped 3 times landing upside down. Daniel had been asleep but by this time we were both screaming our heads off and in total shock.

Daniel's Perspective:
I had fallen asleep on our short travel from the Mexican restaurant to Lindsay's parent's house. I woke up hearing Lindsay scremm and saw our van take out a state road sign. The next thing I knew, we were upside down and, even though I was still buckled, I was laying with my chest on the roof of the vehicle which had caved in. Lindsay was hollering, "Lord Jesus Help Us!" and there was what looked like steam and smoke. Both Lindsay and I believed the vehicle was on fire. I began reaching with my right hand to help Lindsay unbuckle her seatbelt, but it was tight and would not come loose. Blood was running out of both my mouth and Lindsay's, and my back was really hurting. Isaac was hanging upside down in his car seat screaming and I couldn't tell if I heard James screaming or not. I pulled myself up and rolled over on my back to have more leverage to unbuckle Lindsay. Upon pushing the button, her seatbelt came loose and she came tumbling to the roof. I told her to crawl out and I would get the kids, but there was all kinds of people around the vehicle telling me to come on out and they would get our kids. Someone opened the driver side door and Lindsay and I crawled out and laid beside eachother on a bank. A lady came and made me hold my head to the side to let the blood continue to run out. She would not let me move for fear my back may be broken.
It seemed like no time before the rescue workers arrived. Lindsay felt fine so they let her get up and check on our kids. Lindsay's parents arrived in a panic seeing the vehicle and Lindsay and I. I was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance to go to the hospital. Lindsay insured Isaac would be taken care of by her parents and saw james off in a separate ambulance before hopping up into the ambulance with me.
I went to Floyd Medical Center and was released around 1:00 AM Sunday Morning. I had a stiff back, stiff neck, mild concussion and both lungs were bruised. James was sent to Egglestone childrens hospital in Atlanta. Lindsay and her mom accompanied James. He was released at 2PM Sunday afternoon with multiple skull fractures and a massive headache. Lindsay busted her lip, got a sore neck and large bruises on both knees. Isaac didn't even get a scratch.

Pic. 4: James in ER

Pic. 5: Lindsay Feeding James at Eggleston

(Lindsay) We have posted some pictures here of our van. As you look at these pictures please praise God for saving our lives! We were urged by a fireman to not even go look at the van. The fireman said he had seen alot of accidents and was truly amazed that we were able to crawl out on our own and more specifically that we even lived! He said that it had to be God! We give God all the glory and know that we will never be the same after this accident. It has certainly changed our perspective on life and the way we want to live our lives knowing that each day could be our last. We want to spend more time focusing on the things that are most important and never to take eachother or our children for granted. It has also changed our perspective on safety. In Hawaii we had 9 people packed into a 7 passanger mini van with not enough seat belts for everyone! We will never again even consider doing such a thing. We praise God that he has looked out for us even in spite of our foolishness. Please continue to pray for us especially Daniel and James as we continue to heal both mentally and physically. It has been a real struggle for me to know that I was responsible for an accident that injured my husband and baby. I struggle alot with thinking about what could have happened. I just thank God that he loved me enough to spare my family from this horrible accident and that it is changing our lives for the better! To God be the glory!

Pic. 6: Our new van God blessed us with through Uncle Hall who gave us a great deal on this 2003 Pontiac Montana! Praise the Lord!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Hello, It has been while since we have written an update on our family. Alot has happened since the last update! Daniel now only has 3 more months of school left before he is out for good! He can hardley wait. He has done well in all his classes but is not certain that Engineering is what he wants to do with his life longterm. We both have a passion for Real Estate Investing. I am currently pursing my Real estate liscense from The Moseley Dickinson Academy of Real Estate in Roanoke. Our dream is to have our own Family Business soon so that Daniel does not have to work for an Engineering firm that would take countless hours away from our family. Many people have asked me since James birth in August if I am still up for having 7 children. The answer is a resounding YES!!! As you can see from the pictures our boys are a constant source of delight and entertainment! I won't lie, they are also a full-time job but the work is such a small price to pay compared to the blessings they are to us! In the picture to the top left you can see that we have an official finger sucker and an official thumb sucker! Isaac jibber jabbers constantly and is starting to eat a much larger variety of foods. He has a potbelly and weighs a hefty 30lbs. He is now able to sit through one hour of homeschooling a day broken into two 30 min periods. We aren't doing much yet other than reading and pointing out objects and letter sounds though. He listens to a cd or video in Spanish most days as well. James is also growing and will smile at almost anyone. He and Isaac were babysat today by the Messer family while Daniel and I met with our Accountant and when we picked them up they told us he never cried once. Below are 2 pictures of the boys taken last Sunday all dressed up in their church clothes! Well, I need to go study so Goodnight and blessings to everyone!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

We really enjoyed our Christmas and New Years Holidays. On Christmas morning we got the boys up and let them open their stockings. Isaac (19 mo.) had more fun tossing all the gifts off into the floor than he did opening and receiving his gifts. James (4 mo.) just laid there enjoying all the attention he was receiving. After opening stockings, we took the boys downstairs to see the rest of the presents. Isaac received a Little Tikes cozy coupe (red car with yellow roof) which upon sighting he dove through the window and remained in the car for the rest of the morning. James received a little red fire truck and leap frog that sings the alphabet which he loves. I decided to get Lindsay a business suit and a stainless steel trash can she had been asking for. Everyone has already let me know that a stainless steel trashcan isn’t the most romantic gift I could have gotten my wife, but she was overjoyed to receive it. Lindsay got me a punching bag because she is tired of seeing me run around the house punching the air like a little boy. Later in the day we felt it important to sit down with our boys and read them the Christmas story. We read it both from the Bible and from a children’s book. Even though Isaac was wiggling and trying to get back to his little car and James is too young to know what we were saying, we want our boy’s to know that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and that is what the celebration is all about. Next year we plan to incorporate a birthday party for Jesus complete with a cake and try to center the day around bringing praise to Him.
After Christmas, Lindsay’s family came down. Phil (my father-in-law), Michael, and Josh (my two brother-in-laws) helped me knock out two walls, set a beam, frame up new walls, hang sheetrock, and get rid of all the trash created from this little construction project. Since then, I have done some wiring, hug light fixtures, placed a laminate flooring, and attempted to finish the sheetrock. I believe God is humbling me because I have made fun of the sheetrock finishing that was done in the basement of this house prior to us purchasing it and my sheetrock finishing job was the worst I have ever seen. We are hiring a professional to rescue me out of this situation. This project is scheduled for completion within the next two weeks.
Please all, continue to pray for us as we enter this new year. We know we have many challenges ahead of us. It is going to be a great challenge for me to complete my last semester of graduate school because my heart is just not in it anymore. I am so ready to be complete with all my studies and rush out into the world to focus on providing for my family. We believe, however, that it is God’s will for me to complete my school and it is, after all, only one more semester. God has certainly richly blessed and for that we give Him praise.