Saturday, January 07, 2006

We really enjoyed our Christmas and New Years Holidays. On Christmas morning we got the boys up and let them open their stockings. Isaac (19 mo.) had more fun tossing all the gifts off into the floor than he did opening and receiving his gifts. James (4 mo.) just laid there enjoying all the attention he was receiving. After opening stockings, we took the boys downstairs to see the rest of the presents. Isaac received a Little Tikes cozy coupe (red car with yellow roof) which upon sighting he dove through the window and remained in the car for the rest of the morning. James received a little red fire truck and leap frog that sings the alphabet which he loves. I decided to get Lindsay a business suit and a stainless steel trash can she had been asking for. Everyone has already let me know that a stainless steel trashcan isn’t the most romantic gift I could have gotten my wife, but she was overjoyed to receive it. Lindsay got me a punching bag because she is tired of seeing me run around the house punching the air like a little boy. Later in the day we felt it important to sit down with our boys and read them the Christmas story. We read it both from the Bible and from a children’s book. Even though Isaac was wiggling and trying to get back to his little car and James is too young to know what we were saying, we want our boy’s to know that Christmas is when we celebrate Jesus’ birthday and that is what the celebration is all about. Next year we plan to incorporate a birthday party for Jesus complete with a cake and try to center the day around bringing praise to Him.
After Christmas, Lindsay’s family came down. Phil (my father-in-law), Michael, and Josh (my two brother-in-laws) helped me knock out two walls, set a beam, frame up new walls, hang sheetrock, and get rid of all the trash created from this little construction project. Since then, I have done some wiring, hug light fixtures, placed a laminate flooring, and attempted to finish the sheetrock. I believe God is humbling me because I have made fun of the sheetrock finishing that was done in the basement of this house prior to us purchasing it and my sheetrock finishing job was the worst I have ever seen. We are hiring a professional to rescue me out of this situation. This project is scheduled for completion within the next two weeks.
Please all, continue to pray for us as we enter this new year. We know we have many challenges ahead of us. It is going to be a great challenge for me to complete my last semester of graduate school because my heart is just not in it anymore. I am so ready to be complete with all my studies and rush out into the world to focus on providing for my family. We believe, however, that it is God’s will for me to complete my school and it is, after all, only one more semester. God has certainly richly blessed and for that we give Him praise.

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