Monday, February 06, 2006

Hello, It has been while since we have written an update on our family. Alot has happened since the last update! Daniel now only has 3 more months of school left before he is out for good! He can hardley wait. He has done well in all his classes but is not certain that Engineering is what he wants to do with his life longterm. We both have a passion for Real Estate Investing. I am currently pursing my Real estate liscense from The Moseley Dickinson Academy of Real Estate in Roanoke. Our dream is to have our own Family Business soon so that Daniel does not have to work for an Engineering firm that would take countless hours away from our family. Many people have asked me since James birth in August if I am still up for having 7 children. The answer is a resounding YES!!! As you can see from the pictures our boys are a constant source of delight and entertainment! I won't lie, they are also a full-time job but the work is such a small price to pay compared to the blessings they are to us! In the picture to the top left you can see that we have an official finger sucker and an official thumb sucker! Isaac jibber jabbers constantly and is starting to eat a much larger variety of foods. He has a potbelly and weighs a hefty 30lbs. He is now able to sit through one hour of homeschooling a day broken into two 30 min periods. We aren't doing much yet other than reading and pointing out objects and letter sounds though. He listens to a cd or video in Spanish most days as well. James is also growing and will smile at almost anyone. He and Isaac were babysat today by the Messer family while Daniel and I met with our Accountant and when we picked them up they told us he never cried once. Below are 2 pictures of the boys taken last Sunday all dressed up in their church clothes! Well, I need to go study so Goodnight and blessings to everyone!