Thursday, March 16, 2006

Look what God saved us from!

Pic. 1: Inside of wrecked van

Pic 2: Passanger side of wrecked van

Pic. 3: Front of wrecked van

Lindsay's Perspective:
Daniel and I would like to share with you all today what God has done for us! As most of you know we left 2 weeks ago to spend a week visiting our family in Hawaii. We had a great time! We flew out of Hawaii Friday afternoon and had 3 jam packed flights back to Atlanta with the boys in our laps. We arrived in Rome around lunch time on Saturday afternoon. We were exhausted but we were both determined to treat it as a normal day and go to bed that night with everyone else so we could get our bodies back on eastern time. We were hungry and in the the mood for mexican food so we decided to go to a nearby mexican restaurant. We did not think twice about driving as the size of our family makes it difficult to ride with anyone anymore! Daniel drove over and I sat in the passenger seat talking to him constantly to be sure he did not doze off. We ate and then headed back to our van when Daniel told me he felt too tired to drive so I quickly said "thats fine, I'll drive back". We made it to HWY 140 about 1/2 mile from my parents house when all of a sudden my body shut down and when I looked up there was a rode sign and 2 mail boxes in my face. We of course hit both and I did not have time to regain control of the van before we ran into a ditch and flipped 3 times landing upside down. Daniel had been asleep but by this time we were both screaming our heads off and in total shock.

Daniel's Perspective:
I had fallen asleep on our short travel from the Mexican restaurant to Lindsay's parent's house. I woke up hearing Lindsay scremm and saw our van take out a state road sign. The next thing I knew, we were upside down and, even though I was still buckled, I was laying with my chest on the roof of the vehicle which had caved in. Lindsay was hollering, "Lord Jesus Help Us!" and there was what looked like steam and smoke. Both Lindsay and I believed the vehicle was on fire. I began reaching with my right hand to help Lindsay unbuckle her seatbelt, but it was tight and would not come loose. Blood was running out of both my mouth and Lindsay's, and my back was really hurting. Isaac was hanging upside down in his car seat screaming and I couldn't tell if I heard James screaming or not. I pulled myself up and rolled over on my back to have more leverage to unbuckle Lindsay. Upon pushing the button, her seatbelt came loose and she came tumbling to the roof. I told her to crawl out and I would get the kids, but there was all kinds of people around the vehicle telling me to come on out and they would get our kids. Someone opened the driver side door and Lindsay and I crawled out and laid beside eachother on a bank. A lady came and made me hold my head to the side to let the blood continue to run out. She would not let me move for fear my back may be broken.
It seemed like no time before the rescue workers arrived. Lindsay felt fine so they let her get up and check on our kids. Lindsay's parents arrived in a panic seeing the vehicle and Lindsay and I. I was placed on a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance to go to the hospital. Lindsay insured Isaac would be taken care of by her parents and saw james off in a separate ambulance before hopping up into the ambulance with me.
I went to Floyd Medical Center and was released around 1:00 AM Sunday Morning. I had a stiff back, stiff neck, mild concussion and both lungs were bruised. James was sent to Egglestone childrens hospital in Atlanta. Lindsay and her mom accompanied James. He was released at 2PM Sunday afternoon with multiple skull fractures and a massive headache. Lindsay busted her lip, got a sore neck and large bruises on both knees. Isaac didn't even get a scratch.

Pic. 4: James in ER

Pic. 5: Lindsay Feeding James at Eggleston

(Lindsay) We have posted some pictures here of our van. As you look at these pictures please praise God for saving our lives! We were urged by a fireman to not even go look at the van. The fireman said he had seen alot of accidents and was truly amazed that we were able to crawl out on our own and more specifically that we even lived! He said that it had to be God! We give God all the glory and know that we will never be the same after this accident. It has certainly changed our perspective on life and the way we want to live our lives knowing that each day could be our last. We want to spend more time focusing on the things that are most important and never to take eachother or our children for granted. It has also changed our perspective on safety. In Hawaii we had 9 people packed into a 7 passanger mini van with not enough seat belts for everyone! We will never again even consider doing such a thing. We praise God that he has looked out for us even in spite of our foolishness. Please continue to pray for us especially Daniel and James as we continue to heal both mentally and physically. It has been a real struggle for me to know that I was responsible for an accident that injured my husband and baby. I struggle alot with thinking about what could have happened. I just thank God that he loved me enough to spare my family from this horrible accident and that it is changing our lives for the better! To God be the glory!

Pic. 6: Our new van God blessed us with through Uncle Hall who gave us a great deal on this 2003 Pontiac Montana! Praise the Lord!


Crystal said...

Praise the Lord that you are all still here in this world with us. I'll be praying for you all--for physical and mental healing and for anything else you need prayer over.

God is awesome and he has an amazing plan for your family. Hope to see you at MOPS soon!

Lucinda said...

How amazing the coverage of Jesus can be!!! You are a blessing to everyone around you, your speech touches lives.