Tuesday, July 18, 2006

We're in Williamsburg!

Hello, We finally made it to Williamsburg and have somewhat settled in here at Monticello apartments. We have only been here just over a week but so far we have been to Colonial Williamsburg, Buckroe beach, and spent lots of time at the pool here at Monticello. Apartment life is much different but I must say that I enjoy not having much to clean and Daniel not having to cut grass or do home repairs. It gives us more time to spend together as a family and to enjoy Williamsburg. This weekend we are planning to take the boys to water USA and to visit a new church. We finally got my computer and real etsate software plugged in so I am back to working on that again as well. Daniels new job is going well and he loves it. He has also been taking advantage of the weight room here at Monticello.
Well, before I end this I just have to tell a funny Isaac story. The other day the boys were playing quietly in their room when I saw what looked like a cloud of smoke come out of their bedroom. I immediately went to check on them and saw Isaac shaking a large bottle of powder as hard as he could over brothers head. Brother was ghost white from head to toe as well as the entire bedroom and everything in it. The bottle of powder was almost empty by the time he was caught and all I could see in this thick cloud of powder was 2 large blue eyes and 2 brown eyes starring at me. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen! I got several pictures to go in Isaacs scrapbook so I can show him what he did someday:-)