Sunday, August 27, 2006

Morning sickness

It has come to my attention that most people have no idea how bad morning sickness can be! Whenever I heard of someone with morning sickness growing up I always thought of it as no big deal, just something that comes with having a baby and only happens in the morning! Was I ever wrong! If you thought I was the perfect christian who wanted 7 or 8 kids and always had a positive outlook on everything , I am about to give you a different opinion of me! I am so sick of morning sickness right now that I just want to scream! The nausea reaches points where it is honestly unbearable. Sometimes you are so dizzy and nauseated you cannot even see straight and all you can do is lay in bed and wait to throw up. Thought it is worse in the morning the nausea and vomiting will hit at any point during the day! You hate to even leave the house. Sometimes the nausea will even waken you in the middle of the night and send you running for the toilet waking up your very tired husband in the process. When you have been throwing up 3 and 4 times daily for a few days your body becomes so weak and tired you do not have the energy to do anything except lay around. The nausea is so constant that you forget what it felt like to feel good. Once you have thrown up everything in you and you are still feeling sick as a dog your body resorts to dry heaves. Usually following these vomiting/dry heav episodes you will spend about 30 mins choking and gagging on vomit tasting mucous that got left behind in the esophogas. Finally when it is all over you can brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out with listerine and go back to bed still feeling absolutely horrible. You honestly wish you could go into a coma for a month and come back when you are around 4 months pregnant so that it will all be over. Some women even experience it for the entire 9 months but most women will not even have it nearly as bad as I have. How I envy those women who do not get it or who at least only get the nausea without the constant vomiting! I'm sure most of you are thinking how on earth could she want so many kids after this? I must be completely honest. When I am in the height of morning sickness I always start talking to Daniel about the posibilty of adopting the rest of our children:-). He takes it in stride and goes along with it to make me happy but all the while he knows that as soon as morning sickness is over that I will change my mind. I find it truly amazing how the Lord causes us to forget all the pain and sickness associated with pregnancy and childbirth. It really is true because I forget about it every time. I guess the Lord knows that if we truly reemembered most of us would only have one child! Am I willing to go through this again? Maybe 4 or 5 more times? YES! When I am laying on my sofa watching my little boys play, I know in my heart that it was worth it all! It is a hefty price to pay but the reward is priceless! In the meantime, I will keep laying on my sofa with my eyes shut imaging myself holding my precious new baby next spring!

Monday, August 14, 2006


It is with deepest joy that we announce that God has decided to make us a family of 5! Our newest family member is due to arrive sometime around April 1st. Please keep me in your prayers as I am battling severe nausea. Our boys are with Nana and Pops in Bluefield this week as we seek to hire a lady or young homeschool student to come and help out with the boys for a few weeks while I am not feeling well.
We celebrated James 1st Birthday in Bluefield on Satuday! We had a great time and he was just as cute as he could be devouring his own little birthday cake. I will try and post pictures later. He was blessed with an abundace of gifts and attention! You would never know he was a 2nd born! He has been our most easy going, laid back baby. Everybody likes to squeeze him!
I couldn't help but think on Saturday how blessed we were to be celebrating his 1st birthday after such a scary car accident that so easily could have taken his life only months earlier. I know without a doubt that God has big plans for little James!