Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Day at Yorktown beach

Hello, Life has gotten much better since the last time I posted. I still spend all my mornings in bed until about lunch time but I am slowly starting to get over this morning sickness! Grandma and Grandpa came up for the weekend and went to church with Daniel on Sunday. We all spent Sunday afternoon at Yorktown beach to watch the boys play in the sand and water. They had a blast! James is walking now and he was so cute waddling around on the beach and then plopping on his fanny. Afterwards we went out for ice cream at the Ben and Jerrys by the York River. Grandpa left early this morning for the 12 hr drive back to Ga and Grandma stayed behind to keep the boys this week and help Daniel with the cooking. It has been like heaven to have her here after trying to manage the house on our own! Daniel is enjoying it the most because he has had delicious dinners that included elk steaks and homemade apple pie! Also his work clothes are clean and ready for him to put on in the morning after sleeping on fresh sheets! I have so enjoyed having the boys home again after having them gone during the day the past few weeks. The boys love having Grandma here. Isaac says Grandma like Gam Ma!
Another wonderful thing that has happened is that Daniel has found a church for us to attend.
It is less than 150 people but it is very family and homeschool friendly. The pastor has 9 kids and there is another family in the church with 10 kids! The pastors children are going to help us out with the boys in the mornings for the next 2 weeks. I am so thankful to have their help! Well, time for me to run. Here are some photos of our day at Yorktown.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I see the light!

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with my morning sickness! Praise the Lord! I am reminded of how God promises never to give us more than we can bear. My mornings continue to be rough, I woke up yet again this morning throwing up 3 times but after losing nearly 10lbs it is a great blessing to be able to keep down a good dinner and my nightly bowl of ice cream now! Margaret spent the week with us last week to helpout with our boys and it was a great blessing to have her here. I enjoyed her company tremendously. The boys are going to spend next week with the Allen family during the day while Daniel works. The Allens are a wonderful homeschooling family we met through a mutual connection soon after moving here. Mrs. Allen is expecting their 6th blessing in the coming weeks, homeschooling 4 children, and still very selflessly agreed to let our boys stay at their home. We are so thankful for their servants hearts! Their home is very small with only 3 br and 1 ba and yet they make it work. Daniel and I hope that as our family grows that we will display the same joy as the Allens!
We took our boys to the beach today and had a great time. They played in the water together splashing eachother and played in the sand. I thought James would get whiny since he is still so young to be out on the beach but he didn't. In fact, neither of the boys wanted to leave! Isaac was hillarious, If he was in the water he wanted James in the water with him and would shout " come on" whenever James decided to crawl back to where we were sitting. It felt so good just to sit outside today and enjoy watching our boys play in the fresh air. Daniel has decided that he wants to do lots of outdoor activities in October when I am fully recovered so that we can enjoy the Fall weather before getting cooped in an apartment all winter! We have a family camping trip planned for the first weekend in October and a trip to Washington D.C. to visit my cousins family planned for the following weekend. We will be traveling to Abingdon the 3rd weekend for the Rich family reunion and then on the 4th weekend Josh and Leah are plannning to come and visit us and to get a good taste of Williamsburg! Gotta go, Daniel is getting out the ice cream! Love and blessings to all.