Monday, November 27, 2006

Giving Thanks...

Hello, Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We enjoyed ours very much. I spent most of Wednesday cooking and then on Thursday we enjoyed some family time with our boys and made a paper turkey that had each of our handprints and what we were Thankful for written on the feathers. Daddy was Thankful for his growing family, Mama was thankful that her dreams are all coming true by Gods grace! Isaac was thankful for his bicycle, James was thankful for food, and Grace had a feather too even though we do not know yet what she is thankful for! Nana, Pops, and Margaret arrived later in the afternoon and we all gathered around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. We enjoyed spending the weekend with family and showing them some of what Williamsburg has to offer! Daniel and I have been talking alot lately about just how much we have to be thankful for. We know know that God has called us to raise up a large army for him and He is just continually teaching us what we need to know to accomplish this by many different means and giving us the grace to handle it when the going gets tough. Our children constantly require us to let go of selfishness and I am so thankful because I have plenty more to get rid of! I heard a saying on a tape recently that has impacted me so much that I cannot stop thinking about it. Here is what it said...

Empires Fall,
Mansions crumble,
Cattle, they die,
Machinery, It rusts away,
Earlthy pleasures vanish in a moment,
But a child lives on and on in the lives of
descendants and those he influences
all the way into eternity!

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Mark said...

I just heard this on the Godly home, and did a google search for it- your post was the only spot on the web I could find it. Thanks for posting it.

It's so true.