Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas pictures

Here are some pictures of our Christmas! Top picture is the boys with the Nilo train/play table we bought them for Christmas. 2nd is our giant family stocking and all of our presents around the snow man. We didn't have room for a tree! 3rd is a picture of our Christmas brunch which included Ham and egg casserole, cinnamon biscuits, and an assortment of fruit. Bottom picture is the boys in bed together on Christmas eve night. We had such a nice relaxing day! We attended a Christmas eve service the night before which caused the kids to sleep in until 8:30am since they were out late! We then got up and let the boys see their train table and then slowly took turns unloading our big stocking together. It was so much fun! Next we moved onto our other gifts. We didn't get around to eating brunch until around 11:30! We watched the boys enjoy the new toys for awhile and then everyone took an afternoon nap. When the boys got up we read the Christmas story together. It is Daniel and my tradition to write eachother a letter every Christmas to read aloud to eachother on Christmas day. That is always one of my favorite gifts! I forgot to mention that Daniel bought Grace her first doll for Christmas! I already have it ready for her along with the few other things we have for her arrival! After putting the kids to bed Daniel and I watched a movie together and that pretty much wrapped up all our Christmas activities. What a special day it was! Daniel and I were talking last night about how much more special Christmas is to us now that we have our own family. This was our 4th Christmas together. We cannot wait to celebrate again next year with a new family member added to our bunch!

Sunday, December 24, 2006


Merry Christmas everyone! While this has been a busy and hard year for us we have much to celebrate as we reflect on the birth of Christ! I've been thinking alot about Mary lately and how God chose her as a young teen to be the mother of his son. When I feel overwhelmed or too young to handle being a good Mom it is a great comfort to know that God had enough respect for Mary as a young teen to handle being the mother of His son! As we seek to begin a new year my goals are to come into the fullness of what God has for me! To help my husband achieve his dreams and be all that he can be! To respect my children as sons and daughters of the King! To be sensitive to other peoples feelings, To do what it takes to make things right when I am wrong. To not have a pity party about this apartment, Daniels long work hours, whiny babies and toddlers, or the discomforts of pregnancy and breastfeeding! To be in tune with the Father in every circumstance that comes my way. To worry less about what others think of me and more about whether my heart is pure! If you are reading this... would you please help keep me accountable to these goals? Happy birthday Jesus! Thankyou for giving us your life! Help me to give you mine. More of you and less of me! Lindsay

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Michael & Lauren's Wedding

Our siblings officially became Mr. and Mrs. Bailey last Saturday. Lauren was a radiant bride. Lindsay was a beautiful Matron of Honor at nearly 6 mo. pregnant. I was a groomsman and the boys were ring bearers. They did well during the wedding.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun with the event. The first picture is of Lindsay and I at the rehearsal dinner. Isaac had fun scooting James around on a toy fire truck on the morning of the wedding (2nd picture).

Lindsay and Lauren were both breathtaking (3rd picture). The Lord sure blessed the Bradfield family with beautiful daughters. The 4th picture is of Lauren in her wedding dress during the
photo shoot.

Altogether, Lauren and Michael will make a wonderful couple. I am excited to have a new brother in the family. Michael has been a great frinend and we are already close. Below (5th picture) is a picture of Michael and Lauren at the rehearsal dinner.