Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday but the best present of all was that as of this morning Daniel and I now have a newphew. Joseph Michael Bailey made his appearance at Lauren and Michaels home at 6:28am weighing in at 8 lbs 12 oz. We are heading down to GA on Friday to see Joseph and have Christmas with our family there. I will post plenty of pictures of him as soon as I get them!

Our three children Christmas morning just before opening stockings.
Sissy with her new doll
Daniel helping the boys strap on their new guns!
Our little cowboys!
Isaac showering Mommy with kisses!
After we celebrated with just our family we went over to Nana and Pops house for an early Christmas supper and exchanged gifts. Nana made each of our children and homemade toy pictured below.
Family Christmas Portrait
Hope you all had as wonderful and blessed of a Christmas as we did! .

Do I really want to be 24?

Ready or not. I turned 24 on December 20th! Nana's birthday was the 19th so we all went out to eat at The Log Cabin in Wytheville to celebrate both birthdays. Daniel surprised me with a real Pearl necklace and Pearl earrings which you can see in the pictures.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Isaac

I just had to share a story about my Isaac. (At age 3 he is our oldest child) The other day when we had a good bit of snow on the ground I allowed Isaac to go outside by himself to play. The other children were asleep so it was a good time for him to go out since James is still not allowed outside without me. I got him all bundled up and he played outside in the snow for quite awhile. It was then that I heard him banging on the carport door as loudly as possible. I rushed to the door, opened it and there stood Isaac in his big coat all out of breath. He huffed " I need tell you somfin...I LOVE YOU!"
Moments like these make the time and work I put into these 3 little gifts worth it all:-)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Which one could we live without...

Not one!!! This past week Daniel and I had a really tough week. One event after another unfolded including a sewer problem and a fender bender in Christiansburg as well as some major problems with our renters. In the midst of all the stressful events the children quickly became out of sorts because we were. I started thinking thoughts like... Why on earth did we have them all this close together? Why can't anyone just wipe their own butt for once? Why does Sissy have to bite me when she nurses? Why do the boys have to fight over toys because it's driving me NUTS!!! Did you catch the word " me" in that last phrase. Is it really about me? Do I honestly want to live a life of selfishness where I do not have to wipe any butts, listen to any loud crying, solve any disputes, or clean up the tornado in our kitchen after every meal? Or do I want to redeem the time and fulfill the calling that God has placed on my life to rear up many chidlren for Him? I want so much to fulfill the purpose that God has put me here for. I know that this life is nothing but a vapor. It can be gone in an instant and I better make sure I am accomplishing what God has put me here for. I have been learning lately that if we truly want to walk with God and fulfill his purpose for our lives then there is not much room for selfishness. It is so neat watch how each child brings something special and unique to our family. Isaac is my joy. He lives out the meaning of his name "laughter" in a big way. He can easily become over excited about anything whether anyone else is excited or not. He can light up a room in no time with his presence. James is very serious, he does not have to please people, He is a very masculine man for a 2 yr old who talks in a very deep voice. He loves tools. The other day he and I were sitting at the table and the wheel on one of his cars wouldn't do like he wanted so he said in his most serious deep voice " I gotta go get my screw driver". He loves for me to tell him that he is special and will walk around the house afterwards saying " I special ". Grace is the feminine petite little girl I always wanted. She loves to nurse, smile big, and watch her big brothers play. She is definitely a mama's girl. I could not imagine life without each one of our precious children and I am so thankful that God brought them into our lives in His Perfect Timing!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Sissy Can Stand!

Little Sissy just recently started standing! She is very mobile now and can go almost anywhere she wants by scooting around. Her hair is also growing much longer.

My Three Tired Men

I just had to post this picture taken Sunday afternoon when we were all sleepy. I just love my three precious men!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saying Goodbye to MawMaw

My Beloved MawMaw, Mildred Willis (pictured at top) went to be with Jesus over the weekend. She is greatly missed by Her Husband, children, and grandchildren whom she poured her life. My most treasured childhood memories were spent with her and my Grandfather on their small farm up the road from us. She made most of my church clothes and spent lots of time making tea cakes, corn flake cookies, and lots of other things with me. She also taught me to crochet and most importantly, she gave me a love for family! Just last week I was looking through a book she gave me just before I got married called " Is There a Family in the House? "
I am so Thankful for the Godly heritage she has left me and the wonderful memories I have of her. She was so excited when Grace was born to finally have a Great-Grandaughter after 8 Great-grandsons. The first thing MawMaw said to me 2 weeks ago when I went to GA for my sisters baby shower was " I want to see Grace! " I will make it a priority as Grace grows older to let her know how much her Great-Grandmother loved her and to tell her all about her. Today my Mom I tried hard to serve a Thanksgiving dinner just like MawMaw used to serve. We made several of the things she used to make for Sunday Dinner and Holidays. We had PawPaw come and eat it with us and I think He really appreciated how much we tried to make Thanksgiving be the way we always remembered it with MawMaw.
The Palbearers were MawMaws Grandsons and Grandson-inlaws
PawPaw with my Family
MawMaws Family
PawPaw holding Grace who wore MawMaws home-made dresses to both the viewing and the Funeral

The most special thing about MawMaws Funeral was that PawPaw spoke straight from his heart about His Wife and went through Proverbs 31 sharing about how MawMaw had lived out each one of those verses during the 65 years of their marriage and how she served by his side as pastors wife for the many years of his ministry as a Southern Baptist Pastor.
Please keep my Grandfather and the rest of my family in your prayers in the coming weeks. This was a difficult time to lose MawMaw since My Uncle Charles just passed away 6 weeks ago.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Gracie preparing to be a Mommy!

I managed to capture some pictures of Grace today delighting in her baby doll. I have been thinking alot lately about the role of Motherhood and how Grace's view of children will be directly affected by MY words, actions, and attitudes toward children. Will she see them as a delight, a blessing, and gift from God? Or will she see them as a whiny, stinky, loud, and obnoxious nusiance who won't let her get anything done? Will she realize the awesome task we have as Mothers to raise up the next generation for Christ? My prayer for her is that God will give her a heart for Christ, family, and the joys of Motherhood! Please pray for me that as I seek to delight myself in the Lord, My Husband, and Children more fully that the joy would be contagious for my precious 7 month old daughter!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Recap of Our Summer and Early Fall

Since I have finally unloaded all the pictures from summer and early Fall off my camera I have decided to write a recape of our summer and Early Fall. I have written several short posts with pictures so you will have to scroll down pretty far. Below are some miscellaneous photo's including the boys riding Aunt Margaret's horse and Grace's first feeding. Enjoy!

Pops Birthday

Pops turned 51 with a big surprise birthday bash on September 7th. It was a great party with lots of good food! Below are photos of Pops, His siblings (Uncle Macon with James) and Aunt Marty.

Camping Trip 2007

This year since my sister Lauren is expecting a baby we decided to start a yearly tradition of a family camping trip so the cousins will all have something to look forward to doing together each summer. This year we decided to go to Gatlinburg. We had a wonderful time chatting around the campfire, making smores, shopping in downtown Gatlinburg, the outlet mall ,and taking a trip to historic Cade's Cove. As you can see in the pictures, all the men got matching t-shirts and all the women got matching t- shirts. We can't wait to go again next year with baby Joseph in tow!

4th of July 2007

We had a great 4th of July this year. We had a cookout on the Patio with Our children, My parents, and Carly and her boyfriend James. I made a sugar cookie american flag which turned out really good. We ended the evening by driving out to Princeton to watch some Fireworks! Below is a picture of Isaac after having a nap in Aunt Margarets room while she was away at camp!

Daniels Job

Here are 2 pictures from Daniels recent Engineering project in Portsmouth VA. It was such a great experience for him to get to be a part of the construction of the APM shipping terminals. He gained some valuable work experience. He sometimes misses all the activity. I miss living in Williamsburg too sometimes!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Busy As A Bee

I know it has been awhile since the last post and I truly plan to start doing better at keeping this blog updated! As for my family... We moved back into our house 3 weeks ago. Daniel continues to enjoy his job and is in the middle of remodeling our basement. Isaac is enjoying being a part of Awana's this year and has memorized lots of scripture for a 3 year old! .James is not old enough for Awanas yet but is learning very quickly in our homeschool pre-school. We are so proud of how far the boys have come in these last few months. It is so neat to watch their friendship develop and to overhear the sweet conversations they have in their bedroom. Grace is 7 months old now and is growing by leaps and bounds. She is absolutely beautiful and can sit up on her own now! She loves to smile and laugh and watch her big brothers play. I have been busy teaching pre-school, studying for my real estate exam, and everything else that being a wife and mother of a fast growing family entails. I was thrilled to be able to go down to GA over the weekend and attend my sister Laurens baby shower. Baby Joseph is due to arrive just before New Years and we are all very excited to meet him! We are also very excited that our closest friends here in Bluefield, Leah Woodrum and Josh Clarke got engaged over the weekend! We have developed such a close friendship with them and feel so blessed to have them in our lives. It will be so much fun to help Leah with her wedding plans! Here is a picture of the best friends you could ever ask for! This picture was taken at Virginia Beach in March when they came to visit us in Williamsburg.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Family update

Hello, Daniel and I finally moved into our house last weekend. It has been a little stressful since then. The house is located on a busy road which makes me very nervous with the children. The actual house itself has also not worked very well for our family. I was cleaning out the basement this past weekend and began getting sick. Daniel poked around in the ceiling for awhile and discovered black mold. Your probably thinking...why on earth did they buy that house? From the time we made the decision to come to Bluefield we only had about 1 month to find a place to live and one weekend to come and look at houses. There was nothing on the market even close to what we wanted and so we decided to buy this cheaper house in the time being to give us a place to go and knew it would be easy to resell because of the neigborhood, thus we would not have to tie up alot of money getting stuck with something we weren't completely happy with that would be hard to sell. We are thinking at this point we may just get rid of the mold and and finish the work we are doing to it and go ahead and put it on the market. We will just have to see. Pray that God will give us wisdom. As far as living in Bluefield goes I think I am going to like it. I love how Daniel gets home so early in the day now and the nice cool air and the mountains. I keep envisioning a farmhouse with some land for our children to play on and the package would be complete. I have let God know of my request so we will just have to wait and see what He has in store for us! Blessings to all, Lindsay
P.S Please keep my family in your prayers as my Uncle Charles is in ICU hardley able to breath due to a lung disease and pnemonia. He is on a respirator and the family is with him. Pray for complete healing.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our New Life

Well, I know everyone must think that I have forgotten all about this blog but life has been a little busy lately! We still are staying with Nana and Pops while we remodel the house we bought here in Bluefield. It ended up being a much bigger job than we thought. We have now been here for over 2 months. It is great to have Grandparents nearby. Daniel is very pleased with his job and the boys seem to be enjoying it here as well. I am so thankful for that. There are still some things you all can pray with us about. One is that we will be able to find a church here that we feel at home at and comfortable raising our kids in. Secondly that I can stop greiving the fact that we are not returning to Christiansburg. We lived there the first 3 years of our marriage and I really loved it. We began making plans last Fall to return to Christiansburg and I was so excited about it that I already had the furniture mentally arranged back into our house and had already told our friends and let my MOPS friends know that I would be back for the Fall semester. We have returned there to our house a couple times to load up the rest of our stuff and It has made me cry each time. I know that God is faithful and that if it His will for us to be here then He will work everything out. On a lighter note. We met our GA family in Gatlinburg for the weekend and had a really great time! I will try to post pictures soon. Much Love and Blessings, Lindsay

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Rich Rugrats!!!

Well, The apartment is most of the way packed up now and we head for Bluefield next Friday morning. Its hard to believe our year here is up. We arrived here last summer with just a 2 year old boy and a baby boy, now look what we're leaving here with! Its just amazing how fast a family can grow. Daniel is taking me on a date tomorrow to Busch Gardens and then out to eat! It will be our first full day away without all 3 children. Daniel decided to invest in a Medela Pump which is wonderful as it enables us to leave Grace with a babysitter if needed. I probably won't post again until we move but I thought you all might enjoy this new picture of the Rich Rugrats!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

400th Anniversary of Jamestown

We had the privilege of attending Vision Forums Quadricentennial event this weekend at Ft. Pocahontas. It was so much fun and a beautiful celebration. We learned alot about the history of our nation and heard some very moving speeches by Jonathan Falwell and Doug Phillips. Jerry Falwell was scheduled to speak on Friday night but I'm sure you all know he died of a heart attack about a month ago. However, his son Jonathan wanted to honor his Fathers commitment to speak at this event and he gave the same message his Father was going to give. Doug Phillips gave the most powerful speech of all about our nations history and about how we need to stand up and be leaders and make a difference so that our nation can return to that. He talked about how it all begins at home in our families. We have to raise children that love the Lord with all their hearts and raise them up to be leaders so they can make a difference in our nation.
It was so encouraging for Daniel and I to be at this event and be surrounded by others who share our vision for our family and understand why we want to have so many children. Doug said there are only 2 groups of people in the whole world who are turning out large numbers of children, one of them is a certain group in France the other one is the Homeschoolers of America! We thought that was pretty neat! The night ended with a play titled the "Marriage of Pocahontas" and a very impressive Fireworks display by the James River.
We witnessed the laying of this Childrens Memorial. You could put a letter to your great-great grandchildren inside this memorial to be unearthed at the 500th Anniversary of Jamestown
We met so many wonderful families at this event including the Boyer Family. Marilyn Boyer is the the mother of 14 kids and author of one of my favorite parenting books that Nana gave me for Christmas called " Parenting from the Heart". They were so happy to meet our children !

Daniel and kids in front of the Big Tent. There was even a tent for nursing mothers where I met several new friends!

One of the big attractions for this event was Hot Air balloon rides! The boys were too young to ride but they hardley took their eyes off the Big Balloon.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Sissy's Kitchen

I know you all think I have been a little bit ridiculous since my little princess was born with all the bows and dresses. Well, Saturday morning I did the most ridiculous thing yet. I went out to some yard sales and bought Sissy this wonderful little tikes kitchen for $10. This picture sums it all up, she almost fits in the sink! I will have to show it to it to her one day so she can see just how ridiculous I have been!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Fun

Well, we are busy here lately trying to pack and run around to all the area attractions before we leave. We have been doing alot of picnics. Here are a few pics taken over the weekend at Water Country USA. We had so much fun! The boys were even allowed to ride one of the big slides with Daniel and I and Grace never complained at all. She has turned into such a content little girl! I am so glad. I finally feel that family life is getting back to normal since her birth. We can finally go out to eat and enjoy doing things as a family without causing a ruckus!