Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Isaac's potty training success!

Isaac made it his first full day today in his new big boy underwear with no accidents! Woo-hoo! In fact other than one small accident early yesterday morning he was dry all day yesterday as well. We are amazed at how quickly he has caught on to using the potty since Daniel only began working with him Saturday afternoon. He prefers to use a big toilet now and not his baby potty which we made him use the first 2 days. We have a stool sitting at the base of the toilet so he can get himself up on it with no problem. What frustrates him the most is pulling up his underwear when he's done or not having anymore pee left in him when he wants to pee so badley to get another M&M. He has just worn a shirt and underwear since we began potty training so it will be interesting to see how he does when we start to put pants back on him. He will probably only wear stretchy pants for awhile:-). We are so pleased with how well he is doing especially since things have not been going so well for us the past few days! I won't go into any detail except to say that a 2 1/2 year old is capable of doing things I never thought possible for a boy his age. The mischief he gets into just baffles us. He is extremely intelligent and very sneaky! James continues to walk around like a little penguin babbling as he goes. For the most part he is very good during the day but today He woke up sick and threw up 6 times all over himself and the apartment. I scrubbed as hard as I could with a brush but I believe the carpet might be permanently stained in some places. I have had several " call Daniel at work crying days lately ". If you thought I always had everything together taking care of 2 toddlers and another child due next month, think again! I love each child God has given me with all my heart and could never live without any of them, but I do feel it is time for us to start spacing them out a little more until we get some older ones capable of taking care of their own personal needs plus help out some with their younger siblings. I may not be able to have 7-8 as soon as I had hoped but I think I am comfortable now with the thought of having babies on up into my mid thirties if necessary to make things a little easier on our family! I need to run but first a tidbit of good news. My midwife came to see me yesterday and found Grace to be head down in perfect position to be born. Her little heartbeat was perfect as well as her movement! We can hardley wait to meet our new little girl! I spring cleaned our bedroom and turned it into a nursery for her over the weekend. Her changing table will be our dresser and her clothes will be kept in plastic drawers for the time being. Enough for now, Goodnight!

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Crystal said...

Yay Isaac!!! Now, if only your buddy Aidan would take a few notes. ;) Keep up the good work!