Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reflections on the VT massacre

It broke our hearts to hear about the shootings at Virginia Tech Monday. As most of you know Daniel graduated from VT this past summer with his Masters. It scared me tremendously to think how if this had happened just last year Daniel may have been sitting inside one of those classrooms at that time. Because Norris Hall was an Engineering building he had many classes on the second floor and was taught by 2 of the professors who were killed, Liviu Lebrescu and G.V. Levanathan. I remember him talking about these professors during the semesters that he had them and how funny it was to hear Dr. Lebrescu talk due to his heavy accent. We praise God that Daniel was able to graduate well ahead of schedule for his age and was not there! I most certainly would have gone crazy! I cannot imagine the pain and horror the families of the victims must have felt knowing their child or spouse was most likely in Norris Hall at that time. These families are very much in our prayers right now.

Just had to post some pics of my handsome husband who I am very thankful for!

newest family photo

Daniel with his brother inlaw Michael this past weekend

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