Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Our 4th Anniversary!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow it will be 4 years since we became husband and wife. When I look back at these last 4 years I just cannot comprehend how much our lives have changed! This time 4 years ago we were 2 very in love 19 year olds eagerly annticipating our wedding day and now on the same evening 4 years later we strolled OUR THREE CHILDREN around the park and watched the sunset!



Life with you has been better than I ever dreamed of!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Funny Little Isaac is Turning 3!

It is hard to believe our oldest child will be 3 years old tomorrow! Some parents are sad when their baby turns 3 as it marks the end of their baby years but when you have 3 children under 3 things are a little different! We are very excited for Isaac to reach this milestone! He is such a joy to us and although he still has plenty of accidents in his pants he is quickly becoming a help to us in other ways:-). Tomorrow he is going to make his own birthday cake and decorate it with sprinkles (with help of course) and we are going to eat it at supper. He is very excited about this. He is also going to recieve his first chore list as I have been telling him for awhile now that when he turns 3 he will do chores and get an allowance. He already throws all of brother and sisters diapers away for me and starting the day after his birthday his chore list will include bringing me all the small trash cans to be emptied and helping me dust all of the furniture that is down on his level. He is also going to get the clothes out of the dryer for me. This will require alot of supervision for awhile but my hope is that when he is older he will be able to do some of these things by himself! We are so proud of our little boy. I just have to leave you with a few things he has said lately.

The other day I turned on some worship music in our apartment. Isaacs eyes got big and he immediately went and got 2 small chairs and placed them in front of our stereo and got his and James bibles and told James. " Come on James, Lets pray! " He and James sat in the chairs and Isaac started praying " Thankyou God for Daddy correcting James! ".

Last week we told the boys that we would go eat pizza (their favorite food) that evening for supper. The boys were out with Daddy and when they got back the living room light was turned off (I was in the bedroom nursing Grace) and Isaac looked around alarmed and then exclaimed " Mama's gone eatin pizza!!! " He thought I had done gone to get pizza without them:-)

Below is a picture of Daddy trying to do some consulting work!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On our own!

It is hard to believe that little Grace is 4 weeks old now! This has been our 1st week of handling all 3 of our children on our own. I took all 3 of them to a prayer meeting on Monday at some friends house and then took them to Target with me. It was a job but I think it will get easier as time goes on to get out and about with them. The boys will continue to go to the Allens for part of the week to give me a chance to focus my time on nursing Grace, get the housecleaning and cooking done ect. It was so nice to have all the help from the grandparents these last 4 weeks. We especially owe a big thanks to Grandma and Nana who each came and selflessly spent a week here in Williamsburg to help us out even though they had to sleep in our living room! They both spoiled me tremendously. It is such a blessing to have the support of 2 wonderful sets of grandparents! Now you know why 2 of our children so far are named after their Grandparents!
Issac William Rich (after Pops Rich) and Grace Angela Rich (after Grandma Bradfield). Maybe we will continue that thread...