Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On our own!

It is hard to believe that little Grace is 4 weeks old now! This has been our 1st week of handling all 3 of our children on our own. I took all 3 of them to a prayer meeting on Monday at some friends house and then took them to Target with me. It was a job but I think it will get easier as time goes on to get out and about with them. The boys will continue to go to the Allens for part of the week to give me a chance to focus my time on nursing Grace, get the housecleaning and cooking done ect. It was so nice to have all the help from the grandparents these last 4 weeks. We especially owe a big thanks to Grandma and Nana who each came and selflessly spent a week here in Williamsburg to help us out even though they had to sleep in our living room! They both spoiled me tremendously. It is such a blessing to have the support of 2 wonderful sets of grandparents! Now you know why 2 of our children so far are named after their Grandparents!
Issac William Rich (after Pops Rich) and Grace Angela Rich (after Grandma Bradfield). Maybe we will continue that thread...

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