Sunday, June 17, 2007

400th Anniversary of Jamestown

We had the privilege of attending Vision Forums Quadricentennial event this weekend at Ft. Pocahontas. It was so much fun and a beautiful celebration. We learned alot about the history of our nation and heard some very moving speeches by Jonathan Falwell and Doug Phillips. Jerry Falwell was scheduled to speak on Friday night but I'm sure you all know he died of a heart attack about a month ago. However, his son Jonathan wanted to honor his Fathers commitment to speak at this event and he gave the same message his Father was going to give. Doug Phillips gave the most powerful speech of all about our nations history and about how we need to stand up and be leaders and make a difference so that our nation can return to that. He talked about how it all begins at home in our families. We have to raise children that love the Lord with all their hearts and raise them up to be leaders so they can make a difference in our nation.
It was so encouraging for Daniel and I to be at this event and be surrounded by others who share our vision for our family and understand why we want to have so many children. Doug said there are only 2 groups of people in the whole world who are turning out large numbers of children, one of them is a certain group in France the other one is the Homeschoolers of America! We thought that was pretty neat! The night ended with a play titled the "Marriage of Pocahontas" and a very impressive Fireworks display by the James River.
We witnessed the laying of this Childrens Memorial. You could put a letter to your great-great grandchildren inside this memorial to be unearthed at the 500th Anniversary of Jamestown
We met so many wonderful families at this event including the Boyer Family. Marilyn Boyer is the the mother of 14 kids and author of one of my favorite parenting books that Nana gave me for Christmas called " Parenting from the Heart". They were so happy to meet our children !

Daniel and kids in front of the Big Tent. There was even a tent for nursing mothers where I met several new friends!

One of the big attractions for this event was Hot Air balloon rides! The boys were too young to ride but they hardley took their eyes off the Big Balloon.

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Leah said...

Doug Phillips also came to Bluefield this past week for a Bible conference at Bluefield College. We went and heard him speak on Wednesday night... It was great!! He even showed some pictures from the Jamestown celebration! I'm sure you guys had a wonderful time.