Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Our New Life

Well, I know everyone must think that I have forgotten all about this blog but life has been a little busy lately! We still are staying with Nana and Pops while we remodel the house we bought here in Bluefield. It ended up being a much bigger job than we thought. We have now been here for over 2 months. It is great to have Grandparents nearby. Daniel is very pleased with his job and the boys seem to be enjoying it here as well. I am so thankful for that. There are still some things you all can pray with us about. One is that we will be able to find a church here that we feel at home at and comfortable raising our kids in. Secondly that I can stop greiving the fact that we are not returning to Christiansburg. We lived there the first 3 years of our marriage and I really loved it. We began making plans last Fall to return to Christiansburg and I was so excited about it that I already had the furniture mentally arranged back into our house and had already told our friends and let my MOPS friends know that I would be back for the Fall semester. We have returned there to our house a couple times to load up the rest of our stuff and It has made me cry each time. I know that God is faithful and that if it His will for us to be here then He will work everything out. On a lighter note. We met our GA family in Gatlinburg for the weekend and had a really great time! I will try to post pictures soon. Much Love and Blessings, Lindsay