Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Family update

Hello, Daniel and I finally moved into our house last weekend. It has been a little stressful since then. The house is located on a busy road which makes me very nervous with the children. The actual house itself has also not worked very well for our family. I was cleaning out the basement this past weekend and began getting sick. Daniel poked around in the ceiling for awhile and discovered black mold. Your probably thinking...why on earth did they buy that house? From the time we made the decision to come to Bluefield we only had about 1 month to find a place to live and one weekend to come and look at houses. There was nothing on the market even close to what we wanted and so we decided to buy this cheaper house in the time being to give us a place to go and knew it would be easy to resell because of the neigborhood, thus we would not have to tie up alot of money getting stuck with something we weren't completely happy with that would be hard to sell. We are thinking at this point we may just get rid of the mold and and finish the work we are doing to it and go ahead and put it on the market. We will just have to see. Pray that God will give us wisdom. As far as living in Bluefield goes I think I am going to like it. I love how Daniel gets home so early in the day now and the nice cool air and the mountains. I keep envisioning a farmhouse with some land for our children to play on and the package would be complete. I have let God know of my request so we will just have to wait and see what He has in store for us! Blessings to all, Lindsay
P.S Please keep my family in your prayers as my Uncle Charles is in ICU hardley able to breath due to a lung disease and pnemonia. He is on a respirator and the family is with him. Pray for complete healing.

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