Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Little Gracie preparing to be a Mommy!

I managed to capture some pictures of Grace today delighting in her baby doll. I have been thinking alot lately about the role of Motherhood and how Grace's view of children will be directly affected by MY words, actions, and attitudes toward children. Will she see them as a delight, a blessing, and gift from God? Or will she see them as a whiny, stinky, loud, and obnoxious nusiance who won't let her get anything done? Will she realize the awesome task we have as Mothers to raise up the next generation for Christ? My prayer for her is that God will give her a heart for Christ, family, and the joys of Motherhood! Please pray for me that as I seek to delight myself in the Lord, My Husband, and Children more fully that the joy would be contagious for my precious 7 month old daughter!


Leah said...

I think you are a wonderful example to little Grace!! :)

The Rich Family said...

I have a long ways to go but I'm sure trying!