Thursday, November 22, 2007

Saying Goodbye to MawMaw

My Beloved MawMaw, Mildred Willis (pictured at top) went to be with Jesus over the weekend. She is greatly missed by Her Husband, children, and grandchildren whom she poured her life. My most treasured childhood memories were spent with her and my Grandfather on their small farm up the road from us. She made most of my church clothes and spent lots of time making tea cakes, corn flake cookies, and lots of other things with me. She also taught me to crochet and most importantly, she gave me a love for family! Just last week I was looking through a book she gave me just before I got married called " Is There a Family in the House? "
I am so Thankful for the Godly heritage she has left me and the wonderful memories I have of her. She was so excited when Grace was born to finally have a Great-Grandaughter after 8 Great-grandsons. The first thing MawMaw said to me 2 weeks ago when I went to GA for my sisters baby shower was " I want to see Grace! " I will make it a priority as Grace grows older to let her know how much her Great-Grandmother loved her and to tell her all about her. Today my Mom I tried hard to serve a Thanksgiving dinner just like MawMaw used to serve. We made several of the things she used to make for Sunday Dinner and Holidays. We had PawPaw come and eat it with us and I think He really appreciated how much we tried to make Thanksgiving be the way we always remembered it with MawMaw.
The Palbearers were MawMaws Grandsons and Grandson-inlaws
PawPaw with my Family
MawMaws Family
PawPaw holding Grace who wore MawMaws home-made dresses to both the viewing and the Funeral

The most special thing about MawMaws Funeral was that PawPaw spoke straight from his heart about His Wife and went through Proverbs 31 sharing about how MawMaw had lived out each one of those verses during the 65 years of their marriage and how she served by his side as pastors wife for the many years of his ministry as a Southern Baptist Pastor.
Please keep my Grandfather and the rest of my family in your prayers in the coming weeks. This was a difficult time to lose MawMaw since My Uncle Charles just passed away 6 weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Lindsay, I am so sorry about you losing your MawMaw. I know this will be an especially difficult time for your mom. This was my first Thanksgiving since losing my Momma last January. We miss loved ones so much, don't we? Hope you and yours have a beautiful Christmas. Love, Danna Dean

The Rich Family said...

Thanks Danna, I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas as well. Congratulations on a new grandson!