Sunday, December 16, 2007

Which one could we live without...

Not one!!! This past week Daniel and I had a really tough week. One event after another unfolded including a sewer problem and a fender bender in Christiansburg as well as some major problems with our renters. In the midst of all the stressful events the children quickly became out of sorts because we were. I started thinking thoughts like... Why on earth did we have them all this close together? Why can't anyone just wipe their own butt for once? Why does Sissy have to bite me when she nurses? Why do the boys have to fight over toys because it's driving me NUTS!!! Did you catch the word " me" in that last phrase. Is it really about me? Do I honestly want to live a life of selfishness where I do not have to wipe any butts, listen to any loud crying, solve any disputes, or clean up the tornado in our kitchen after every meal? Or do I want to redeem the time and fulfill the calling that God has placed on my life to rear up many chidlren for Him? I want so much to fulfill the purpose that God has put me here for. I know that this life is nothing but a vapor. It can be gone in an instant and I better make sure I am accomplishing what God has put me here for. I have been learning lately that if we truly want to walk with God and fulfill his purpose for our lives then there is not much room for selfishness. It is so neat watch how each child brings something special and unique to our family. Isaac is my joy. He lives out the meaning of his name "laughter" in a big way. He can easily become over excited about anything whether anyone else is excited or not. He can light up a room in no time with his presence. James is very serious, he does not have to please people, He is a very masculine man for a 2 yr old who talks in a very deep voice. He loves tools. The other day he and I were sitting at the table and the wheel on one of his cars wouldn't do like he wanted so he said in his most serious deep voice " I gotta go get my screw driver". He loves for me to tell him that he is special and will walk around the house afterwards saying " I special ". Grace is the feminine petite little girl I always wanted. She loves to nurse, smile big, and watch her big brothers play. She is definitely a mama's girl. I could not imagine life without each one of our precious children and I am so thankful that God brought them into our lives in His Perfect Timing!

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