Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome Joseph Michael Bailey!

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lindsay along with cousin Isaac admiring our new nephew! Grandma and Grandpa Bradfield with all their Grandbabies. They now have 4 but none of them are Bradfields. Josh... its all up to you!
The Bailey Family
I really enjoyed going to GA this weekend to help my sister with her new baby. It was so different to be helping someone with a baby instead if being the one who had just given birth myself. I got to stay at their house and do all the things Nana and Grandma did for me when Grace was born. I could almost feel evey discomfort Lauren experienced after just having gone through it so recently myself. Joseph is such a peaceful and quiet baby though! He cries alot more quietly than any of our babies have. I had alot of fun being there with them. I so wish that they lived closer!

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