Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday to Gracie!

Our little princess turned 1 year old on Sunday March 30th! We appreciate all the friends and family who helped us celebrate! It is so hard to believe that it has been one year since I gave birth to our beautiful little girl. She is such a gift from God!

Snow tubing

We had the privilege of going snow tubing on Saturday morning with my brother Josh's Girlfriend Paola. Paula is from Brazil and had never seen snow. Unfortunately with the arrival of Spring all the snow left at Winter place was man made but we still had a great time! This weekend was the first time I had ever met Paola and I am very excited about having her as a part of our family. It was obvious that she truly loves the Lord!

Job update

Today was Daniels first day of not having to go to work, I know we can't live like this forever but it sure was a fun day! I enjoyed having him here so much. I was able to homeschool the boys so much more efficiently with Sissy spending the morning with Daddy! Daniel is looking hard at several options on how he will earn a living. We have no idea at this point what God has in store for us but we know that if we trust in him completely that he will provide for us! When Daniel came home from work on Friday he brought a magazine a salesman had dropped off that day for me to pick out a front door for our house, apparently he was not aware that Daniel had just lost his job. I was sad to see that book at first but I quickly packed it away in my "house box" where I had been keeping everything that I had picked out for our house. I have now put that box away and I have decided that I will try my best not to think about it anymore. I do not know if it is Gods will for me to ever live in that house but I do know that it is Gods will for me to have a big family and to train my children up in the way they should go. I wanted so badly to have a place to put them all before I had anymore children and I was so excited about it but I think I had my priorities out of order. If I follow Gods will for my life and have them no matter what our circumstances are then He will provide a place for me to put them and a kitchen for me to prepare healthy meals for them!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daniels job

So far this is what is happening... Daniel has submitted an application to V-DOT in Wytheville. He is talking with his friend about the possibility of doing scheduling Full or part-time. He is also checking into doing construction work. He has promised me though that if we are not able to start on our house by July. We will not put any money into anything here that we do not want permanently (This is not a good market) so we will move back to our house in Christiansburg!
I would hate to leave Bluefield since I have come to like it here but for a house wife with 3 children who has to stay home most of the time it will be like heaven to get unpacked and organized again with plenty of space! It is amazing how much less ill I am with the children and if I can just keep an organized life, run a consistent schedule and have enough room for my family to come and stay with us when they want to! The only time I have been able to experience how wonderful that is was when we were living in our home in Christiansburg. We were able to provide a clean, organized environment for our family. Personally I just hope it works out for us to get started on our house by July because I know if we go back to Christiansburg that I will get the kids settled into a life there and probably would not want to move back to Bluefield.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today was kind of a sad Easter for us. I tried to really enjoy it with the kids and make the best of it but I can't help but feel extreme disappointment over not being able to get started on our house. Daniel and I spent hours getting the design just right and getting each little thing priced. We had everything priced except the exterior doors, stairs, and railings. We spent all afternoon last Sunday at a home show in Christiansburg and we were so excited. Now I feel as though my dream of a house has been shattered. It may seem silly to some to want a house so bad but if you could see what we are currently living in you wouldn't. Please pray for me because right now I have alot of hard feelings towards Daniels former boss. I just don't feel its right to move a family of 5 all the way from Williamsburg and make this opportunity out to be something it wasn't. Jesus said to forgive 70 times 7 though so that is my goal.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Big News

Daniels company is struggling and can no longer afford him. It is very upsetting to us because we gave up alot for Daniel to accept this position. We spent all of last year planning and stretching every penny we had even going so far as using cloth diapers to save up enough money for Daniel to buy the software and a car he needed to go in business with a Great friend of his doing scheduling which Daniel is really gifted at. While going into business with his friend would require alot of traveling it was still a fantastic opportunity and we were very excited about it.
This opportunity here in Tazewell came up late last Spring and because of all the great promise it held, such as being able to raise the kids close to their grandparents, flexibilty, no overnight traveling, A chance to buy the company, future jobs for our children ect... We decided to choose the opportunity we thought was best for our children. It deeply disappointed Daniels friend and his wife. We felt terrible about it for a long time and still do. It became apparent to me around the time of my grandmothers funeral last Fall that we had made a terrible mistake not going into business with Daniels friend but I still had hope that things would work out. At this point we are not sure what will happen but we are hoping that Daniel can still go into business with his friend. We know though that if we were Daniels friend and his wife that it would be really hard for us to trust someone who disappointed us so much just last year. Please be praying for us that God would show us what to do and where to go. Blessings, Lindsay

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Happenings

Well, I don't have any new pictures today since our digital camera has pretty much quit working but I bought a new one on ebay today so hopefully I will be able to post some really cute Easter pictures soon! Life is still very busy for us with 3 young children! We have settled into a church, a Mops group, Awana's, and our own workout schedules. So far we have been happy with our new lives all except for the house we are living in. I know there alot of people who live in much worse but that does not make it any easier for us for the time being. We are working hard to get started building our house as soon as possible. I have not felt settled since we moved here and don't even know where most of our things are. It is really tough to live in such a state of disorganization with so many little ones! I will be so glad to finally have a home!