Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daniels job

So far this is what is happening... Daniel has submitted an application to V-DOT in Wytheville. He is talking with his friend about the possibility of doing scheduling Full or part-time. He is also checking into doing construction work. He has promised me though that if we are not able to start on our house by July. We will not put any money into anything here that we do not want permanently (This is not a good market) so we will move back to our house in Christiansburg!
I would hate to leave Bluefield since I have come to like it here but for a house wife with 3 children who has to stay home most of the time it will be like heaven to get unpacked and organized again with plenty of space! It is amazing how much less ill I am with the children and if I can just keep an organized life, run a consistent schedule and have enough room for my family to come and stay with us when they want to! The only time I have been able to experience how wonderful that is was when we were living in our home in Christiansburg. We were able to provide a clean, organized environment for our family. Personally I just hope it works out for us to get started on our house by July because I know if we go back to Christiansburg that I will get the kids settled into a life there and probably would not want to move back to Bluefield.

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