Monday, March 31, 2008

Job update

Today was Daniels first day of not having to go to work, I know we can't live like this forever but it sure was a fun day! I enjoyed having him here so much. I was able to homeschool the boys so much more efficiently with Sissy spending the morning with Daddy! Daniel is looking hard at several options on how he will earn a living. We have no idea at this point what God has in store for us but we know that if we trust in him completely that he will provide for us! When Daniel came home from work on Friday he brought a magazine a salesman had dropped off that day for me to pick out a front door for our house, apparently he was not aware that Daniel had just lost his job. I was sad to see that book at first but I quickly packed it away in my "house box" where I had been keeping everything that I had picked out for our house. I have now put that box away and I have decided that I will try my best not to think about it anymore. I do not know if it is Gods will for me to ever live in that house but I do know that it is Gods will for me to have a big family and to train my children up in the way they should go. I wanted so badly to have a place to put them all before I had anymore children and I was so excited about it but I think I had my priorities out of order. If I follow Gods will for my life and have them no matter what our circumstances are then He will provide a place for me to put them and a kitchen for me to prepare healthy meals for them!


jenn@myderbe said...

I hope to encourage you. In Sunday School on Sunday, we talked about broken dreams -- big dreams, little dreams, and dreams others may not understand. We talked about keeping our focus on Christ instead of on our dreams. I know, in the past, I have looked at my dreams and not at the Lord, and then I have had trouble letting go when things didn't turn out as I'd hoped.

I also want to share with you something God taught me several years ago. We bought our house in Radford when our second child was born. It was small. Very small. And by the time I was expecting our fourth child, it was feeling even more small. I was struggling to be content. Then we visited friends who had only two children and lived in a huge home worth a lot of money. It was very beautiful and spacious -- even more space than we would need for four children! And she was apologetic about this house because she was comparing it to a family member's home that was worth nearly a million dollars and was even larger and more beautiful. That's when the Holy Spirit whispered to me that if I didn't learn to be content with little, I would never be content -- no matter how much I had, no matter how nice my home. And so I became intentional about being grateful and content with what my Father had provided.

Today, we are living in an apartment. By many's standards, it is not large enough for a family with 6 children. But by the majority of the world's standards, it is amazing. And I can honestly say I am content here. Had I gotten used to a large home back in Virginia, it would have been more difficult to move into this apartment. So I am thankful God protected me and prepared me by keeping us in that tiny house.

I'm thankful Daniel lost his job now and not after you'd already started building a dream house that you may not be able to finish. How good our Father is to protect you!

He has good plans for you. Even better than the plans you had for yourself. :)

The Rich Family said...

Thank you Jennifer, I so enjoy reading about your life on your blog! I wish I could have spent more time with you while we were living in Christiansburg. Your big family is such an inspiration to me!