Monday, March 31, 2008

Snow tubing

We had the privilege of going snow tubing on Saturday morning with my brother Josh's Girlfriend Paola. Paula is from Brazil and had never seen snow. Unfortunately with the arrival of Spring all the snow left at Winter place was man made but we still had a great time! This weekend was the first time I had ever met Paola and I am very excited about having her as a part of our family. It was obvious that she truly loves the Lord!


Paola said...

I had a wonderful time there!!!! Thanks for everything!! You have an amazing family!!! Now I admire you all more than before!! Send my hugs to Isaque, James and little Grace!! It was the best vacation of my life!

The Rich Family said...

Thankyou Paola! It was great to finally get to spend some time with you! We certainly appreciate all the gifts you brought and we are so excited about you moving to the USA!!