Sunday, April 27, 2008

April Happenings

Daddy and his boys digging up the flag pole in our yard. I think they all 3 had a big time with this!
Daniel and I were very blessed to be able to go to Newport News last weekend to attend a Real Estate Class. It was a very educational and rewarding experience for both of us!James thought I should pack him in my suitcase! This is what happens when Mommy is busy packing and Sissy is unsupervised...I just loved this beautiful fountain!
My Very Handsome Husband:-)
With our teacher at the Real Estate Class.

The Childrens Church Play

Our boys were so excited to finally get to be in their first play! Isaac is standing in the center
James is standing in the center with ivy draped on his shoulder
Isaac is standing in the back left corner as Joseph and James is in front acting as a shepard.