Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Rich Brothers

I often get asked if it is difficult to have two pre-school boys just 15 months apart so I thought I would share a little bit about what it is like...

One day while we were still trying to remodel our house in Bluefield the boys managed to open a sealed can of paint (how I do not know!) and paint the side of the house, the van, the carpot, the riding lawn mower, and the play house.

While we were living in Williamsburg Isaac decided it was fun to climb into James's crib in the wee hours of the morning and take off both their dirty dirty diapers and use the contents for finger paint to paint the walls. We started making the boys wear sleepers to bed but that didn't work so then we cut the feet out of the sleepers so they could wear them backwards pinned with a safety pin!

One day when the boys were one and two I opened their bedroom door and could hardly see for all the smoke, In all the whiteness I finally made out 2 blue eyes and 2 brown eyes looking at me as innocently as they could. They had emptied out an entire large container of baby powder in their bedroom!

One day in early June our family was in the van and Daddy began pulling out of the driveway. We heard a loud cracking, dragging noise so Daddy stopped immediatly to get out of the van and check it out. He saw right off that the Rich brothers had placed a milk jug behind all 4 of the tires. It was all we could do not to laugh. When Daddy got back in the van and questioned them about it , Isaac said "We just wanted to hear you run over them Daddy".

This summer the boys have started sleeping in just their underwear. When I asked them why they like to do that now, they replied " because Daddy does!"

I have found entire rolls of toilet paper in the toilet and often I find little bits of toilet paper all over the bathroom floor because someone got bored while they were sitting on the toilet and decided it would be fun to sit there and shred toilet paper.

Both boys call their boy parts "Bombs! "

One afternoon I heard James upstairs running around crying, screaming, and pitching a fit, when I went upstairs and asked him what was wrong he informed me that his breath stunk.

Yesterday on the way home from Washington D.C. both boys started asking questions like... "Whats inside tires? Whats inside tree's?" This went on for about 30 mins and then James asked, "Whats inside diahrea?"

Both boys love to snuggle and they also both love their teddy bears. James's teddy was one of Isaac's when he was a baby but recently Isaac lovingly gave it to his brother and it is now James's favorite.

The boys have had plenty of fights but their love for eachother runs deep! It is especially obvious if they sense anyone isn't treating their brother right:-)

I overhear lots of conversations the boys have in their bedroom and this is one of my favorites. Isaac: " I love you James "
James: (in a deep voice) " I love you too "
Isaac: " Yeah! we're brothers and best friends! "

I also overhear conversations like "My bomb is bigger than your bomb" but I won't mention anymore of those:-)

Isaac loves to give out compliments and James is starting to do the same, everyday they both tell me how beautiful and pretty I am.

Lately Isaac has been calling me " My sweet little Mama! "

In wrapping it up I would just like to say that while these little boys can be alot of work, they put a smile on my face just thinking about them! I feel so blessed that God chose to bless us with them at such a young age! I do not feel my college years were wasted in the least by giving birth to these little rascals at ages 20 and 21. If I could go back and relive my college age years, I would give birth to Isaac and James all over again...

" As arrows in the hands of a mighty man; so are the children of ones youth." Psalm 127:4


Paola said...

hahahahah...the best post ever! :)
How I miss them!

Glenda said...

Sorry about the "what's inside" questions. I have a feeling they got that one from Christiana, it's one of her favorite questions right now.