Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Day at Claytor Lake

We had such a fun day today. It is such a blessing after Daniel having to spend all his time last year trying to repair our house in Bluefield for us to be able to just enjoy our family again! We loaded up our family, a big picnic cooler, and spent the day at Claytor Lake. We were wondering when we left how Sissy would do being gone most of the day with no nap but she ended up being the biggest beach bum of all of us! She never cried once and played contently in the sand and water all day. She had a big time and so did we!

Dunking Daddy!After we had enough beach time we hit the bike trails! The boys were so excited because they got to ride their new big boy bikes they got in Roanoke last night. We were amazed at how well they did! We couldn't keep up with Isaac who is already very efficient in using his brakes when necessary. James still needs help with his brakes and going up hills but he did a great job too! Sissy was happy to be pushed by Mommy in her pink car:-)

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