Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Hope you all had as good of a 4th of July as we did! I know it had been awhile since I posted but I have a very good excuse. For the past 2 weeks we have been moving back to Christiansburg! I came alone with 2 of the children 2 weeks ago to start putting the house together and Daniel and Isaac joined us this past Wednesday. It has all been a very stressful process but are soooo happy to have our family back together and to be back into a house that we love. We worked really hard on Thursday and then on Friday we took a break from it all just to celebrate. We had a cookout with just our family, made cookies, and then took the kids to the Salem Fair. We had a blast there because the boys were old enough to really appreciate it. When it got dark we all got something for dinner and sat down at a table to watch a show. They requested all the kids to sit up front on a pad so the boys went up there and then they asked for a volunteer Isaac raised his hand and got chosen. It was adorable because James followed him up there and the Host said ohhh who is this? your brother? Well he can help too. He asked them several questions and then they got to help him perform a trick. It was just the cutest thing. They certainly had the audience laughing.
All 3 of the kids wore their matching 4th of July tank tops with fireworks on them to the Fair which read "I make alot of Noise" . They were so cute, I will try and post pictures soon. When we got home we all sat out in front of our house and watched our naighbors set off firecrackers and small fireworks in the street in front of our house. They do that every year. The boys really had fun with the sparklers! Blessings to all and I will try and start posting more frequently as soon as we get our internet up and running! I am posting this from the Wendy's parking lot here in Christiansburg:-)

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