Friday, August 29, 2008

Little James (Bubby) is now 3!

Our little James (Bubby) turned 3 on August 14th. He is so precious and a delightful son. He is known for having round brown eye's and the cutest little deep voice you have ever heard. He stays very focused on whatever he is doing and loves riding the bike we bought him this summer. People crack up sometimes just listening to him talk with his deep, sincere voice. This afternoon I saw him heading out the front door to ride his bike and I asked him if I could squeeze him. He turned around and looked at me with those brown eyes and said in his deep voice"uhhh, maybe wader" and ran on out the door. He absolutely loves going to Custards Corner (the little ice cream stand at the bottom of our street). Almost every time we drive by he says, " There's Cussers Corner!" Although he is usually busy and focused on something he will be very affectionate when he chooses to be. He gives the sweetest kisses. The hardest thing in his life right now is that Isaac is no longer napping and poor little Bubby is still required to take an afternoon nap most days:-). He understands very well that blessings come from God and when I ask him where I got him he will quickly tell me " from God and Jesus! "
I hope this little boy realizes just how much we love him:-) My prayer for his life is that God will give him direction for his life at an early age and the courage to follow through at a young age! Bubby requested that we have hot dogs and a Red cake for his birthday so that is exactly what he got. I made some dips and other things including homemade ice cream which he thoroughly ejoyed! We bought him the Red Radio Flyer scooter pictured above as our gift to him and he also got a leap frog My first computer, some Fall outfits, as well as some books and puzzles
4 generations of Rich menOur Family This was about the best we could do trying to get a decent picture of all the grandkids!We were so happy that Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Lauren, and cousin Joseph got to spend the weekend with us. Friday night we all went for a walk down to Custards Corner!Gracie loves ice cream as much as her Mommy!

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