Sunday, August 10, 2008

Those Darn Blueberries

Have you ever found something in a crazy spot? I got quite a laugh this afternoon. A few weeks ago a friend from church gave us some fresh picked blueberries. I put them in a pretty glass dish for dinner that night and put them on the table. Everyone had some and commented on how good they were. I was already smelling the blueberry pancakes we were going to have the next morning with the left over blueberries. The next morning I got up and hunted everywhere for the blueberries. I moved everything in the fridge around and searched both freezers. I even searched the cabinets and the trash can just to make sure I hadn't done something crazy with them. I continued searching a little through the week but we never could figure out what happened to them... that is until today. We are having company for dinner tomorrow night so I decided to make a yummy dessert. I opened my deep drawer where I keep all the glass dishes and moved some things around to get to a dish I hadn't used in awhile, and there they were in a glass dish with a lid on them! They weren't even that moldy:-)

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