Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain/Palin 2008

Our family was very fortunate to see Sarah Palin and her husband Todd in person tonight at the politial rally in Salem! She gave an awesome speech and drew quite a crowd with her visit to Southwest Virginia. Barack Obama was here last week and we were told that he did not draw anywhere near the crowd Sarah Palin drew tonight! It was completely packed out with standing room only. We got great seats though since we had 2 strollers, security directed us to the "off limits" handicap section! Here are a few pics from the rally. Sissy enjoyed cheering for Sarah Palin with her republican red pom pom!
Sarah and Todd PalinGiving her Speech


Glenda said...

I love how so many people are getting involved this election. Rebekah is going with a Student Action Team w/Generation Joshua to work on the campaign in Fairfax, VA.
Go McCain/Palin!!

The Rich Family said...

I bet it was a great experience for Rebekah to travel with generation Joshua! Isaac informed us yesterday that he thought he was as tall as Christiana now:-). He is certainly not but we didn't tell him so:-)