Monday, December 29, 2008

On having a miscarriage...

I have spent some time reading in the book "Supernatual Childbirth". In this book Jackie Mize does a great job explaining what it feels like to have a miscarriage. Here is an excerpt from her book.

" Even though I was only a few weeks pregnant, that baby was just as real to me as any baby I had ever seen. Any woman who has been pregnant knows what I'm talking about too. Many times men don't understand the trauma of a miscarriage because to them the baby is not a reality yet. They often try to comfort their wife with, " Its ok, we will try again." And that dosn't comfort us, because to a woman that baby is a reality from conception. It affects mothers because it is not just a "miscarriage"; It is the loss of a child. And it takes a period of time to recover emotionally, just as it does with the loss of any loved one. "

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update on Lindsay

Daniel and I just gt back from the ER and it is confirmed that there is no ectopic pregnancy in my ovary. The ER doctor I had today did not seem very concerned about my ovary. She said it did appear bulky but did not appear to be sagging that much to her. I will follow-up with an OB/GYN sometime this week to determine what should be done next, when I can try again ect.
Please keep us in your prayers because emotionally this has been much more difficult than our first miscarriage. We knew about this baby for almost 3 weeks and we were so very excited about it. Having one miscarriage seems normal enough but to have a 2nd one has caused us to become very fearful. I honestly don't think I could handle losing another one. I'm sure many of you (including family members) think we didn't need another one yet anyway but Daniel and I very much wanted those babies and whether you have 0 or 10, it hurts more than you could imagine to lose one.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Disappointing News

Hope you all had a great Christmas. We greatly enjoyed Christmas morning together as a family but from about 3pm on it was very difficult. I noticed some blood when I went to the bathroom and of course was very upset. I made it through the rest of the day without falling apart but it was a long night. I went to the ER this morning and my cervix was closed which was a good sign so they sent me to the maternity ward for an ultrasound. There was no baby on the ultrasound and one of my ovaries appeared to be enlarged and sagging. I was very upset to say the least! It didn't help that we had to wait several hrs in the ER following the ultrasound to get a report from the doctor and radiologist. There is a possible chance I could have an ectopic pregnancy in the ovary but the hope is that I have just miscarried and that there is nothing wrong with my ovary. I will go back on Sunday afternoon to have my hormone levels checked again to be sure they aren't increasing. I am feeling beyond frustrated right now. I don't understand how I could have 3 perfect pregnancies and then miscarry 2 in a row like this. It is hard not to be afraid that I won't be able to have another baby. It would be one of the worst things that could ever happen to me. Please pray for me not to be afraid and that God will allow us to have more children!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours!

We hope this Christmas finds your family happy, healthy, and blessed! We are certainly feeling very blessed this year. The move back to Christiansburg this past summer has been good for all of us. I don't think I have ever been so thankful for a house in my life! It has been a great relief to get our growing family of small children settled into a home. As we look back at our very stressful years spent in Williamsburg and Bluefield. Things have improved drastically! Our income is still not where we need it to be but we are continuing to give what we can and pray and believe that it will come. Please take this time of year to reflect on what God has given you in sending His only son!

Blessings from the Rich's,

Daniel, Lindsay, Isaac, James, Grace, and baby Rich #4!

Friday, December 19, 2008

A Testimony Of What God Has Done For Us!

Most of you are aware that I suffered a miscarriage back in November. It happened very early but having known about the pregnancy ahead of time, I spent a few days grieving over the loss of our baby. I wondered why God allowed it to happen and what He had planned for us. I decided that same week to put it all behind me and begin earnestly praying that God would bless us with another child. Our precious 4 year old Isaac also began praying daily for God to put a new baby in Mommy's tummy. On Sunday December the 7th I was able to minister with the dance team at our church for the first time and one of the requirements for being a part of the worship ministry is to attend the Intercessory prayer time before the service starts. God was definitely present during the prayer time and an elder in the church stood up and said " the Lord just showed me that some you in this room are pregnant with the second generation, that the Lord is raising up an army". I knew that what he said could be manifested in the spiritual (lost souls) and in the physical (pregnant women) so I began to look around as he said that and wondered if God was trying to tell me that he had answered my prayers, that it was me who was pregnant! I tried not to think or get my hopes up the rest of the day but that night I decided to take a pregnancy test. Lo and behold it was positive! I rejoiced and showed the test strip to Daniel. I took new tests every 2-3 days for awhile just to be sure! I guess I could not comprehend that God had heard my cries and had blessed me again so soon! I cannot describe the joy I feel over this pregnancy. I treasure it and appreciate it so much more than I did before. One of my greatest joys was relaying the news to Isaac, the first thing he said was... "My prayer worked! " in a very excited tone of voice. His blue eyes were so bright and he had a look of sheer pleasure on his face. Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I must say there is no greater gift I could receive than to know that a child grows inside of me! Please keep our precious baby in your prayers, We are praying and believing God for a healthy, full-term baby!

P.S. I also want to say Happy 50th Birthday to Nana!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Highest and Lowest Forms of Christianity

This past weekend we had a guest speaker at our church and he challenged us by saying this
" The lowest form of Christianity is to be blessed, The highest form of Christianity is to BE a blessing ". I've spent alot of time thinking about that quote and how true it is! As Christians it is so easy to just do what Gods word says knowing that we will be blessed if we do but when it comes to dying to ourselves and being a blessing things get downright hard! Just recently I was feeling frustrated at church because instead of being able to close my eyes and truly get into the worship myself I had to watch my children and help them worship. I was also frustrated because I have to herd 3 pre-schoolers back and forth to their classrooms and sometimes don't get to talk to my church friends as much as I would like. I am also ashamed to admit that I sometimes felt disappointment when my Sunday rolled around to do childcare after caring for my own children all week. How selfish all that was! Dying to self and doing things my flesh has no desire to do to be a blessing to my children or someone else is what being a Christian is all about. That is what Christ did for us! Tonight when I put the boys to bed I held their faces in my hands and while looking into their eyes I told them " I am so happy that I get to be your Mom! "