Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Huge Answer to Prayer

Most of you know about the financial struggles we have had since March with 3 kids and no job! In November we pretty much went dry and December was a really tough month. If you were expecting a Christmas gift from us and didn't get one, I am very sorry! I didn't do any "friend gifts" this year. I even got stuck at Once Apon a Child once becasue I barely had enough gas to get there and I had to wait almost 2 hrs for them to buy some of my kids outgrown clothes to get enough gas money to get home (Daniel couldn't come and rescue us because he didn't have any either). Not exactly fun if you have been through anything similiar. Daniel has been searching for a job and nothing has come up. We have prayed that if it be Gods will for Daniel to just throw himself into our real estate business like he wants to that He would shut the door to all other jobs and open only the ones that pertain to real estate. Since then Daniel has managed to get on with 2 inspection companies to inspect properties part time and this Friday we will close on a wholesale deal that will really give us a boost! Praise God! We are not completely out of the fire yet and Daniel will continue applying for jobs but we are amazed at Gods provision. I was very scared and honestly did not know what we were going to do if this deal didn't go through since we got so behind on our bills in December. Gods knows when we can't take anymore and sends the rain just in time! I am appalled at my lack of faith but humbled by the MERCY and LOVE that God has for His daughter!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bubby's Haircut... by barber Isaac Rich

I don't usually post twice in the same day but I have received numerous requests to see Bubby's haircut. Here it is. It is kind of hard to see the detail in the picture but Bubby basically has a buzz cut now with several real short gouges and several long strands here and there and no bangs at all. Isaac pretty much sheared him like a sheep because Bubby's hair was quite long if you saw the shower pictures. This was done with Isaac's kid school scissors in the privacy of their playroom. I questioned Bubby about the haircut while Daddy was giving Isaac correction.

Mommy: Bubby, why did you let Isaac cut your hair?

Bubby: Isaac said if I wet him cut my hair that I'll wook wike him.

One month later...

Today it has been one month since we had our 2nd miscarriage. People say that it gets better from here and I believe that it will. Its not been an easy month. I have probably cried over that baby more times than I can count and according to the medical bills we are recieving from the ER , it costs us more to have a dead baby than it did to have live ones. It wasn't like we could handle anymore financial stress right now. I don't know how everything will work out but the verse I am clinging to right now is...

Ephesians 3:20

"My God is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we ask or think! "

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Josh and Paola's Wedding Shower

We got to go down to GA this past weekend for Josh and Paola's wedding shower. It was lovely! I also really enjoyed going with Mom and Paola Friday and Saturday to update her registry, choose her wedding cake, and to buy furniture and appliances for her new house. I forgot my camera but here are the pics Mom took. Josh and Paola with Mom and her sisters, left to right: Mom, Debbie, Libby, and Jackie
Mrs Bradfield and the only future Mrs. Bradfield!
Mom writing down what Paola got, She got some great gifts!
Sisters left to right: Mrs. Rich, Mrs. Bradfield, and Mrs. Bailey.
This is too cool, In just a few months 4 of my parents 6 kids turned 25!
All 6 of us

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Secret

This is a conversation that 3 year old James (aka Bubby) and I whispered to eachother today...

Bubby: Mommy, I'm gonna tell you a secret

Mommy: whats that?

Bubby: I wuv you, an you can feew my soff bubby wegs, an you can squeeze me!

Isn't he precious!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Praise God for a good report!

I went to Dr. Roberts today for a follow up check-up to make sure everything was back to normal following the miscarriages. He said that everything looks perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my ovary! It is completely normal! Praise the Lord! He was great and I really appreciate my friend Alison for recommending him to me. He definitely took his time and answered all my questions and asked me alot of questions. I know my next pregnancy will still be somewhat scary for me so please keep me in your prayers that I won't have any fear going into it and that it would be healthy in every way!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goals for 2009

1. Grow closer to God
2. To give of myself and be a blessing to my husband, children, and others.
3. Not to feel so stressed and worried about finances
4. Change my diet to an all organic high protein diet, learn to cook differently
5. Have a creative, purposeful year winning my childrens hearts for the Lord
6. Not to dwell on the 2 precious babies lost in 2008
7. Have a healthy baby or babies:-) by the end of 2009!

Continuing goals from 2008

1. I got alot of exercise in 2008 both in Bluefield and Christiansburg and plan to do the same this year!
2. Got rid of TV! (we only watched good stuff but it sucked too much of my kids time)
3. Helping Daniel with our business, He and I both learned ALOT about real estate in 2008 and plan to continue learning more about it in 2009

If you know me well please ask me periodically how I am doing with my goals to hold me accountable! I also want to say just how much I appreciate the outpouring we have received following my miscarriage. I received several cards, a meal, and invitations to coffee
just to talk. I appreciate my church family all taking time out of the service to gather up front and lift me up in prayer last Sunday even though I didn't feel like coming to church.
I appreciate Allison who went through a devastating miscarriage not long ago coming over to pray/cry with me yesterday, and Kimmy who sat and talked with me at Starbucks until 11pm last night! I also appreciate my cousin Wendy who is helping me change my diet via e-mail even though she is currently a missionary in the pacific rim! God has definitely blessed me with awesome family and friends!