Saturday, January 03, 2009

Goals for 2009

1. Grow closer to God
2. To give of myself and be a blessing to my husband, children, and others.
3. Not to feel so stressed and worried about finances
4. Change my diet to an all organic high protein diet, learn to cook differently
5. Have a creative, purposeful year winning my childrens hearts for the Lord
6. Not to dwell on the 2 precious babies lost in 2008
7. Have a healthy baby or babies:-) by the end of 2009!

Continuing goals from 2008

1. I got alot of exercise in 2008 both in Bluefield and Christiansburg and plan to do the same this year!
2. Got rid of TV! (we only watched good stuff but it sucked too much of my kids time)
3. Helping Daniel with our business, He and I both learned ALOT about real estate in 2008 and plan to continue learning more about it in 2009

If you know me well please ask me periodically how I am doing with my goals to hold me accountable! I also want to say just how much I appreciate the outpouring we have received following my miscarriage. I received several cards, a meal, and invitations to coffee
just to talk. I appreciate my church family all taking time out of the service to gather up front and lift me up in prayer last Sunday even though I didn't feel like coming to church.
I appreciate Allison who went through a devastating miscarriage not long ago coming over to pray/cry with me yesterday, and Kimmy who sat and talked with me at Starbucks until 11pm last night! I also appreciate my cousin Wendy who is helping me change my diet via e-mail even though she is currently a missionary in the pacific rim! God has definitely blessed me with awesome family and friends!

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