Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Huge Answer to Prayer

Most of you know about the financial struggles we have had since March with 3 kids and no job! In November we pretty much went dry and December was a really tough month. If you were expecting a Christmas gift from us and didn't get one, I am very sorry! I didn't do any "friend gifts" this year. I even got stuck at Once Apon a Child once becasue I barely had enough gas to get there and I had to wait almost 2 hrs for them to buy some of my kids outgrown clothes to get enough gas money to get home (Daniel couldn't come and rescue us because he didn't have any either). Not exactly fun if you have been through anything similiar. Daniel has been searching for a job and nothing has come up. We have prayed that if it be Gods will for Daniel to just throw himself into our real estate business like he wants to that He would shut the door to all other jobs and open only the ones that pertain to real estate. Since then Daniel has managed to get on with 2 inspection companies to inspect properties part time and this Friday we will close on a wholesale deal that will really give us a boost! Praise God! We are not completely out of the fire yet and Daniel will continue applying for jobs but we are amazed at Gods provision. I was very scared and honestly did not know what we were going to do if this deal didn't go through since we got so behind on our bills in December. Gods knows when we can't take anymore and sends the rain just in time! I am appalled at my lack of faith but humbled by the MERCY and LOVE that God has for His daughter!

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Joy said...

God is so amazing! He has gotten us through a lot too and will continue to get us through whatever we are in! Thank you for this little note of encouragement!