Saturday, January 10, 2009

Praise God for a good report!

I went to Dr. Roberts today for a follow up check-up to make sure everything was back to normal following the miscarriages. He said that everything looks perfect and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my ovary! It is completely normal! Praise the Lord! He was great and I really appreciate my friend Alison for recommending him to me. He definitely took his time and answered all my questions and asked me alot of questions. I know my next pregnancy will still be somewhat scary for me so please keep me in your prayers that I won't have any fear going into it and that it would be healthy in every way!


Kim said...

sIs this the first time you saw Dr. Robert(s)? I had a friend who had him deliver her baby and she loved him. He delivered Leyton too I think.

I really like my doctor but when we have kids I am not sure I want to have my baby in Montgomery Regional.

The Rich Family said...

Kim, It was my first time to see Dr. Roberts and I was VERY pleased with him. What doctor do you see?
Yeah, I'm not sure I'd want to have a baby at Montgomery regional either!

Sonya & Aaron said...

So glad to hear that you got a good report! And I'm so glad you are seeing Dr. Roberts. I went to him after I had my miscarriage and LOVED him!! He is such a great doctor and was very compassionate. Hope to see you at MOPS.