Saturday, February 21, 2009

Book recommendation

I just finished reading one of the most helpful and encouraging books I have ever read! I have been a huge fan of the Duggar Family who is often featured on the TLC and Discovery Health for a long time. They have just written a book called "20 and counting" about their supersized family. I have often watched them on TV thinking on how earth do they manage? Reading their book confirmed so many things God has been showing me lately about relationships with my children and humbling myself with them and even allowing them to tell me when my behavior or words are not not lining up with Gods word. Jim Bob Duggar in the book shared that he never experienced an anger problem before having so many kids but that now he has given his children the freedom when they sense that he is getting upset to put their hand on his arm and say "Daddy, I think your getting angry". They share many other secrets about handling both small children and adult children that I found so helpful. They even share how they organize their house. Whats even more cool is that Jim Bob Duggar is also a real estate investor. He reminds me so much of Daniel and the goals Daniel has for his life and business. Be warned if you buy this book that the Duggars are VERY conservative. The girls wear long dresses and they have strong convictions. I have always believed though that we need to use wisdom and not disregard books that we can glean wisdom from just because we don't agree with the authors on every point! Alright, this bookworm is going to bed! Please share if any of you have any other recommendations for books on child training/family relationships that you think I would find helpful in my journey.

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