Thursday, April 30, 2009

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brooker!

This past Saturday some sweet friends of ours became husband and wife! Coincidentally their names are also Daniel and Lyndsie and they also met at the same homeschool conference that Daniel and I met at a couple years later! Daniel is now 24 and Lyndsie 22 and their love even withstood ovarian cancer to make it to this day. They are such an inspiration! We hated to miss the wedding but are rejoicing with them:-)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Rich Update

I had my 12 week appoinement this past Friday and got to hear baby Rich's heartbeat for the first time. it was music to my ears after this long ordeal! Everything is going great in my pregnancy. I still struggle with nausea off and on but I am definitely getting back to normal very quickly. I so appreciate being able to take care of my children and house again! Its funny how I didn't realize just how much I truly enjoy my life and my family. Praise God for good health and the ability to enjoy those things!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Praise Report

I just wanted to share a quick testimony! Daniel and I decided before we were married that we would not plan our marriage or our children around money. We knew that was the opposite of what most people did and I'm sure there are lots of people that thought and still do think we were/are being irresponsible. Well, we very well may be but what we have seen over and over in our lives is that when we put God/marriage/children ahead of money that God always comes through and provides whatever we need right when we need it! We made a risky decision to get married when we were just 19 and Daniel did not have a decent job until a week or 2 before our wedding but it came when we needed it! We ended up having our two boys while Daniel was in college and not once did I have to get a job. The 3 years that Daniel was in college were 3 of the happiest years of our lives and we look back on them with the best of memories! Things have been tight at times but not once have we ever had a need that God didn't provide for. We again made what most people would call a stupid decision to try for another child just months after Daniel lost his job in Bluefield. However, now that we are expecting our 4th child we are really beginning to see even more breakthroughs in our family business. Praise God! We know that only God could do this for us and we give Him ALL the glory! It is nothing we have done on our own. I just want to encourage you all to do whatever God puts on your heart to do and trust Him alone to provide for you!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our little girl is 2 years old now!

What a sweet little daughter you are! You are a joy to us and we are excited about the woman you are becoming!
I wish I had gotten more good pictures of our guests but I really wasn't feeling much like taking or being in pictures!
This is what we bought Grace for her birthday. It is a girly tricycle that can be pushed by an adult until she is old enough to pedal, then the handle can be removed. It is a radio flyer for ages 2-5. We have taken it out on the street a few times and so far we love it and she loves it!

I wanted to take the time to post a few pictures of Grace's 2nd birthday party. We only invited her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin since I still wasn't feeling that great. I am doing much better though! I have cut back on my medication though I do still take it faithfully everyday. I am only 11 weeks along and I have never felt this good at 11 weeks. I want to thank everyone who has faithfully prayed for me because I know it worked! Somehow when you are so nauseous you can't see straight and vomiting constantly it is hard to see how you will live through it. I have had the flu and other things but pregnancy sickness is by far the most miserable sickness I have ever experienced. I always in the end though realize just how much it was all worth it! I have to be sick for few weeks but this child will always be a part of our lives! That is so exciting to think about. I will always be able to understand other young mothers experiencing the same thing in a way that other people can't. I hope I will be able to bless other young moms going through the same thing throughout my life whether it be my own adult children or someone in my church.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easier Days

I am now going on 10 weeks pregnant and our days are finally starting to get easier. I have had the strength to be able to take care of the children every afternoon this week. I am so thankful! Although I have had a really tough few weeks God has really shown me just how blessed I am. He provided the medicine I needed and the help I needed. Daniel susprised me earlier this week by declaring that our family would go on vacation this summer! I almost cried! I desperately wanted to have a family vacation before the baby arrived but had not even allowed myself to think about it because of all the changes and new businesses we began this year. God is good! I feel so blessed to be going! This will be our last trip with our family as we know it. Future trips will include a 6th family member! It is still hard to process that we will soon be a family of 6. This will be such new territory for Daniel and myself since we both come from small families of 3 children. I'm not sure either one of us has any idea what having a big family will be like. It is both exciting and scary at the same time! God definitely provided us with a bigger house just in time and we will not have to worry about bursting out of our home with all the baby gear when baby Rich arrives. Its probably a good thing I don't know the sex of the baby or I would already have Daniel painting the nursery and want to shop for baby items as excited as I am:-)

Saturday, April 04, 2009

The value of good friends...

I just want to take a moment to say just how blessed Daniel and I have been with good friends! We have only been back in Christiansburg and at our church since July yet throughout this time of sickness we have had so much help and many more offers of help. Daniel and the kids have had meals brought almost every night for over a week and there are friends lined up to take care of meals next week! My friend Cyndi has even taken care of our kids and offered to do so once a week until I get better. I can't begin to thank everyone enough! I hope you all know how much it has meant to Daniel and I. This time last year while we were in Bluefield I was feeling so lonely and wondered if I would ever have many friends I shared things in common with. God has more than met that need in my life and I look forward to growing even closer with the friends I have made.
I have wondered many times why God would give me the desire to have a large family and then allow me to go into hyperemesis (severe nausea and vomiting assiciated with pregnancy) for several weeks every time I'm pregnant. Each time I go through this though I am reminded of what a small price it is to pay. There are so many women out there who would give anything to have a child but are unable. I am so thankful and blessed that I can go through this and know that one day the reward will be great! It is the first opportunity I get to lay down my life for my child. Some of you already know this but I recently went on a drug called Zofran and it has put a stop to the excessive vomiting. I am so glad that I finally found a compassionate doctor who truly cared that I was so miserable. I am still extremely nauseous and don't feel like doing anything but life is now MUCH more tolerable for both Daniel and myself now that I don't have to be so weak and dehydrated all the time. God is good! I can actually envision having more children and we will Lord willing!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

And the winner of the gift card is...

Grandma Jan!
I promise the drawing was not rigged in any way! And yes if you already has us on your blog roll I did enter your name twice. Hope you enjoy your Walmart gift card Mom, don't spend it on the kids!