Saturday, April 04, 2009

The value of good friends...

I just want to take a moment to say just how blessed Daniel and I have been with good friends! We have only been back in Christiansburg and at our church since July yet throughout this time of sickness we have had so much help and many more offers of help. Daniel and the kids have had meals brought almost every night for over a week and there are friends lined up to take care of meals next week! My friend Cyndi has even taken care of our kids and offered to do so once a week until I get better. I can't begin to thank everyone enough! I hope you all know how much it has meant to Daniel and I. This time last year while we were in Bluefield I was feeling so lonely and wondered if I would ever have many friends I shared things in common with. God has more than met that need in my life and I look forward to growing even closer with the friends I have made.
I have wondered many times why God would give me the desire to have a large family and then allow me to go into hyperemesis (severe nausea and vomiting assiciated with pregnancy) for several weeks every time I'm pregnant. Each time I go through this though I am reminded of what a small price it is to pay. There are so many women out there who would give anything to have a child but are unable. I am so thankful and blessed that I can go through this and know that one day the reward will be great! It is the first opportunity I get to lay down my life for my child. Some of you already know this but I recently went on a drug called Zofran and it has put a stop to the excessive vomiting. I am so glad that I finally found a compassionate doctor who truly cared that I was so miserable. I am still extremely nauseous and don't feel like doing anything but life is now MUCH more tolerable for both Daniel and myself now that I don't have to be so weak and dehydrated all the time. God is good! I can actually envision having more children and we will Lord willing!

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Paola and Josh said...

Yeah... now that I'm so far from my friends I've learned how precious they are. We are so rich having them in our lives!

I'm looking forward being so blessed with friends like you are! What they've done is so sweet!