Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Home Schooling

Wow, it is hard to believe that this coming school year I will officially be a homeschool mom at 25! HA! I'm sure some of you are laughing right now because I know most people's idea of a home school mom would definitely not be me! I am so thankful that all the dreams and desires I had as a teenager were also God's plans for my life! I feel so blessed to be able to live the life I dreamed of as a teenager even though challenges sometimes come, like kidney stones and morning sickness:-). Daniel and I are both homeschool graduates so whenever our future children's education became a topic of discussion during our relationship there was never any question whether we would home school our children. It is all we have known and we couldn't imagine life any other way for our family. I know it WON'T be easy but I am very excited to start this new chapter of our lives! Isaac will be in Kindergarten and James will be in K4 this year. I have signed them up for a Classical Conversations Co-op. You can learn more about it here
They will go one day a week and do most of their school through that except bible, language arts, and math during the early elementary grades. For bible we have several different devotional, and bible story books we can use for Kindergarten and for scripture memory Isaac will start his 3rd year of AWANA's in the Fall and James his 2nd year. For math and phonics we plan to use Abeka, for handwriting we plan to use "A Reason for Handwriting". I don't have our Fall schedule all planned out yet because it will be tricky to fit in all the breastfeeding time slots once Mercy arrives. I will try and post our Fall schedule once our curriculum arrives and I get it all figured out:-). Our summer schedule looks something like this.

*All times are approximate and may vary day to day

7:30am -boys get up and turn on one of their movies in the basement.
8:00am -Mommy and Daddy get up, Daddy preps breakfast (sometimes I make something the day before like banana bread and some mornings I get up early enough to make other things) while Mommy gets ready for the day and brings sister downstairs to eat.
We have breakfast and Bible time together as a Family most mornings.
9:30am- Chore time! Isaac dries whatever clothes Mommy put in the washer the night before and James unloads the dishwasher which we usually run every evening.
10:00am-we work on just a little bit of phonics and math and then we just read books! (our kids have all signed up for the summer reading program at the library and are trying hard to earn their goodies:-).
12:30pm- we have lunch and and then a quick clean time of the main level of our house.
1:30pm-Sissy has naptime unless we have somewhere to go. Boys have either outside time or quiet time. I have quiet time, check my e-mail, make phone calls, make bread, and sometimes go walking or run errands during this time if Daddy is working from home that day. Sometimes when pregnant or nursing and I've had a rough night, I may just take a nap:-)
6:00pm- I try to have dinner ready
After dinner we have family time either outside or inside, we like to walk down to Custards Corner (an ice cream stand) on summer evenings. We also attend a Life Group from our church and enjoy having people over for supper.
8:30om- kids go to bed and Mommy and Daddy get some time together! Some evenings I read a good book out loud to Daniel, some evenings we just talk and pray, some evenings we like to check our Facebooks or watch something.

exception days-
* Wednesday mornings we go to our church Play Group and usually have lunch with them
* Friday mornings If I can I like to take all 3 children to the library to pick out new books.
* Some days we have people or family over.
* Sometimes at night I enjoy meeting someone for coffee! (though for me it's usually a tall caramel latte)

minus the kidney stones, this has been a GREAT summer so far!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Daniel is his parents only son. I also grew up in a family with only one son. For the first time we are getting a front row seat to observing brothers by watching our own 2 sons! It is so much different! When there is only one boy the mother tends to be very attached to her only son and the only son just has a completely different personalty without having any other male competition in the house. This is a great thing but having 2 sons just makes everything totally different. Daniel and I being completely new to the whole "brother relationship" are just learning and praying about their relationship as we go along. Pray for us if you think about it, we want to do everything we can to help our boys be brothers AND best friends. I was so encouraged today when I dropped the boys off at the Classical Coversations Camp they attended this morning.
When Isaac and James walked into their class dressed alike as usual one of the other little boys came up to them and said "Hey, why are ya'll wearing the same shirt?" as if he thought it was kind of silly. Isaac said very boldly "Because we're brothers!" James then piped up and said in his serious deep voice "Yeah, and brothers stick together!"
I don't know where they got that but I am so excited that is how our precious boys see their relationship!`

Monday, June 15, 2009

The stent is out!

I woke up really early this morning absolutely dreading having my stent removed. It was a disgusting process and I won't go into any detail but now that it's over I feel SO MUCH better! The nurse said me being pregnant put a ton of pressure on the stent causing all the frequent painful urination and the intense side/lower back pain I was having. Praise God I think this process is finally over! I was very disheartened when they told me that usually people who get them once get them again throughout their life. Please pray and believe with me that this will not happen, especially during my pregnancies! I know you all probably think of your grandfather when you think of someone getting kidney stones. I had never even heard of a 25 year old getting them before. It is pretty rare to get them so young but definitely not impossible! Daniel and I have decided that we are going to buy a really nice big water bottle (BPA free) and start measuring my water intake each day and keep fresh lemons on hand in our fridge in an effort to prevent this from happening again. I am SOOOO thankful this is over and little Mercy appears to be doing fine. I smile now every time I feel her move reminding me that she is still here:-)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Please continue to pray

I know there are people out there suffering much worse things but this stint the urologist put in my kidney is giving me fits! It is causing alot of side and lower back pain not to mention burning!
It is soooo uncomfortable. Just going to the bathroom is a huge ordeal and being pregnant I have to go constantly! Please pray that God would give me the strength to make it until Monday and that having it taken out won't be too painful. I am soo ready to be back to my active life. Wow, health and the ability to do things is such a BLESSING! Do not ever take it for granted and thank God for it daily! This is a good reminder for me to pray for people who are living in pain all the time for various health reasons. I cannot imagine what that would be like and now have a huge amount of compassion for the elderly and others who are suffer excruciating pain and discomfort of any kind on a regular basis. I am also trying my best not to think about the pain and just be excited that I am going to have a baby! I even created a Target baby registry for her today and it really helped get my mind off things and just get excited about little Mercy coming to join us soon. Thanks for your prayers! Lindsay

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pregnancy Scare

So far we have told no one about this outside of our family but during the wee hrs of the morning on Wednesday I woke up in horrible pain that would not go away. For almost an hour I tried sitting on the toilet, changing positions, and walking around to ease the pain. The pain just got worse and and worse until I began hollering to go to the ER. Daniel loaded the kids into the van and on the way to the ER the pain got worse, finally by the time we made it in the door I was screaming in pain. I didn't see how I could be in that much pain without losing the baby but having experienced a natural childbirth I also knew that this pain was far worse than any pain associated with an unmedicated childbirth. It seemed as though everyone in the ER was going as slowly as possible. (I'm sure this was not the case but it seemed that way). The ER doc didn't have a clue what was going on and thought I was in labor. He even checked me and told me I had dilated some. I began to shake uncontrollably and hyperventilate partly from the pain and partly from being so scared of losing the baby. Finally after what seemed like forever and talking to my OB on the phone they decided to do an ultrasound to check my kidneys. Sure enough one of my kidneys was severely enlarged and strange looking. They put me on extremely high doeses of morphine to help me cope with the pain. I laid in the ER for over 10 hrs before they finally got me in a room and comfortable bed. I was soooo uncomfortable in that ER! My back began to hurt from laying on that awful stretcher type bed for so long. Once I got to my room they gave me morphine the rest of the day to help manage the pain until they could do surgery that evening and put a stint in my kidney. The procedure went very well and they were able to locate and remove two stones from my kidney. They decided to put me to sleep and do a local amesthetic instead of general anesthesia since I was pregnant.
However the local anesthetic didn't take and I woke up in excruciating pain feeling I was being chopped with knives and intense burning. There was a glitch in the computer system and the nurse was unable to pull up what my doctor said about the surgery what I could have for pain and because of that it took my nurse an hour and half to get a hold of the doctor and the pain medication I needed. The pain meds took the edge off the pain almost immediately and I got up this morning doing much better. We were discharged around lunch time today and finally we are home. I told Daniel on the way home that I would not wish this experience on the devil himself!
Wow ladies, next time you think childbirth is the worse pain there is, think about someone with kidney stones! I can attest after experiencing both that kidney stone pain is 10 times worse than the pain of natural childbirth. I wrote this post because I think every pregnant woman should be aware of kidney stones and how to recognize the symptoms (excruciating pain in one side and the feeling of having a contraction that never ends, burning "down there"). I had never heard of pregnant women having kidney stones and could have avoided a ton of emotional pain thinking I was losing the baby in that ER if I had been more educated about kidney stones in pregnancy. Don't forget to drink LOTS of water when you are pregnant. I thought I was drinking enough because I drank everytime I was thirsty but apparently I was not and was amazed when I was told in the ER that I was partially dehydrated and that can contribute to causing kidney stones. I am just so grateful that our precious Mercy is ok! Please be praying that all the pain killers and narcotics will have no affect on her health. I feel so blessed after being afraid I was losing her that we made it through everything that she is still tucked away safely inside of me:-).
That is the best thing I could have asked for and I am praising God for protecting her!

Friday, June 05, 2009

A dream come true...

Our 4th child is a GIRL! We took some time last night to really process everything and we are SO happy and stand amazed at how perfectly God is planning out our family. He truly gave us the desire of our hearts. We strongly desired for Grace to get to experience having a sister pretty close in age and that she will have! We always wanted to name our daughters after their 2 wonderful grandmothers so their names are Grace Angela (Grandma Bradfield) and Mercy Lee (Nana Rich). God is so good and we cannot conprehend just how much He has blessed us. Last Christmas we were grieving 2 miscarriages and by this Christmas we will be holding our precious new daughter. God sure has a way of redeeming things even when we don't understand when trials come! I know for me it has given me more patience with my kids, a true heart of gratefulness for my fertility, and a whole new understanding of how each baby God gives is truly a gift and a privilege...

Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, Bearing seed for sowing Shall doubtless come again rejoicing, Bringing his sheaves with him! Psalm 26:5-6

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one's youth, Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them; They shall not be ashamed but shall speak with their enemies in the gate. Psalm 127:4-5