Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Daniel is his parents only son. I also grew up in a family with only one son. For the first time we are getting a front row seat to observing brothers by watching our own 2 sons! It is so much different! When there is only one boy the mother tends to be very attached to her only son and the only son just has a completely different personalty without having any other male competition in the house. This is a great thing but having 2 sons just makes everything totally different. Daniel and I being completely new to the whole "brother relationship" are just learning and praying about their relationship as we go along. Pray for us if you think about it, we want to do everything we can to help our boys be brothers AND best friends. I was so encouraged today when I dropped the boys off at the Classical Coversations Camp they attended this morning.
When Isaac and James walked into their class dressed alike as usual one of the other little boys came up to them and said "Hey, why are ya'll wearing the same shirt?" as if he thought it was kind of silly. Isaac said very boldly "Because we're brothers!" James then piped up and said in his serious deep voice "Yeah, and brothers stick together!"
I don't know where they got that but I am so excited that is how our precious boys see their relationship!`


Paola said...

hahahahhahah. That was so funny and cute!

Joy said...

That is precious! Sounds like Buddy and Little Man.