Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Home Schooling

Wow, it is hard to believe that this coming school year I will officially be a homeschool mom at 25! HA! I'm sure some of you are laughing right now because I know most people's idea of a home school mom would definitely not be me! I am so thankful that all the dreams and desires I had as a teenager were also God's plans for my life! I feel so blessed to be able to live the life I dreamed of as a teenager even though challenges sometimes come, like kidney stones and morning sickness:-). Daniel and I are both homeschool graduates so whenever our future children's education became a topic of discussion during our relationship there was never any question whether we would home school our children. It is all we have known and we couldn't imagine life any other way for our family. I know it WON'T be easy but I am very excited to start this new chapter of our lives! Isaac will be in Kindergarten and James will be in K4 this year. I have signed them up for a Classical Conversations Co-op. You can learn more about it here
They will go one day a week and do most of their school through that except bible, language arts, and math during the early elementary grades. For bible we have several different devotional, and bible story books we can use for Kindergarten and for scripture memory Isaac will start his 3rd year of AWANA's in the Fall and James his 2nd year. For math and phonics we plan to use Abeka, for handwriting we plan to use "A Reason for Handwriting". I don't have our Fall schedule all planned out yet because it will be tricky to fit in all the breastfeeding time slots once Mercy arrives. I will try and post our Fall schedule once our curriculum arrives and I get it all figured out:-). Our summer schedule looks something like this.

*All times are approximate and may vary day to day

7:30am -boys get up and turn on one of their movies in the basement.
8:00am -Mommy and Daddy get up, Daddy preps breakfast (sometimes I make something the day before like banana bread and some mornings I get up early enough to make other things) while Mommy gets ready for the day and brings sister downstairs to eat.
We have breakfast and Bible time together as a Family most mornings.
9:30am- Chore time! Isaac dries whatever clothes Mommy put in the washer the night before and James unloads the dishwasher which we usually run every evening.
10:00am-we work on just a little bit of phonics and math and then we just read books! (our kids have all signed up for the summer reading program at the library and are trying hard to earn their goodies:-).
12:30pm- we have lunch and and then a quick clean time of the main level of our house.
1:30pm-Sissy has naptime unless we have somewhere to go. Boys have either outside time or quiet time. I have quiet time, check my e-mail, make phone calls, make bread, and sometimes go walking or run errands during this time if Daddy is working from home that day. Sometimes when pregnant or nursing and I've had a rough night, I may just take a nap:-)
6:00pm- I try to have dinner ready
After dinner we have family time either outside or inside, we like to walk down to Custards Corner (an ice cream stand) on summer evenings. We also attend a Life Group from our church and enjoy having people over for supper.
8:30om- kids go to bed and Mommy and Daddy get some time together! Some evenings I read a good book out loud to Daniel, some evenings we just talk and pray, some evenings we like to check our Facebooks or watch something.

exception days-
* Wednesday mornings we go to our church Play Group and usually have lunch with them
* Friday mornings If I can I like to take all 3 children to the library to pick out new books.
* Some days we have people or family over.
* Sometimes at night I enjoy meeting someone for coffee! (though for me it's usually a tall caramel latte)

minus the kidney stones, this has been a GREAT summer so far!


Julie said...

That is a great schedule. Everything getting done without being unrealistic about how much you can do. Well done. And welcome to homeschooling!

The Rich Family said...

Thanks Julie, by the way I looked at your homeschooling website and it is really neat!

Amanda said...

Lindsay, you will make a great homeschooling teacher!! :) I'm looking forward to the day i can be doing this with my own kids!! ;)

Julie said...

Thank you!
I just popped back to see how you were getting on.
Glad you are over the morning sickness at least!

Joy said...

Y'all schedule is so much like ours! You and Mama are so much alike! I hope and pray that one day I can be a mom like you and my mama!

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