Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I have decided that I want to keep better records of my pregnancies, so I am going to write a short update every so often.

3 weeks~ positive pregnancy test, began going in for regular blood work
4 weeks~ Doctor decides because of my previous miscarriages to put me on progesterone, aspirin, and high doses of folic acid
5 weeks~ blood work continues and looks very promising with great HCG levels detected
6 weeks~severe morning sickness/vomiting began and grew worse
7 weeks~miserable with constant vomiting, we felt comfortable letting the family know I was pregnant at this point!
8 weeks~miserable and dehydrated from constant vomiting.
9 weeks~ got a drug called zofran and still felt very yucky but only vomited occasionally
10 weeks~still on zofran and feeling yucky but made it back to church for the first time in several weeks!
12 weeks~ some improvement but still feeling tired and yucky
14 weeks~ major improvement though not functioning up to par.
16 weeks~ took a weekend trip to Charleston for our 6th anniversary and went off zofran the same week.
17 weeks~ completely back to normal and functioning with plenty of energy!
18 weeks~ found out we were having a girl named Mercy, later in the week woke up in the middle of the night with Kidney stones, had surgery to place a stint
19 weeks~ had stint removed, tired all week
20 weeks~ back to functioning with plenty of energy again!
21 weeks~ weight gain up to date is 11lbs

*I hope I didn't scare anyone from wanting to have a baby with my record keeping! Most people don't go through anywhere near that much being pregnant. It is always SO WORTH any suffering I have to endure!

*Remember: The fruit of the womb is HIS reward!


Deborah said...

I am so happy for you, and so happy to see that you will be home schooling too! Where did time go? I remember the little teenager who was working so hard to fulfill her dream of marrying her sweetheart :) God is doing great things through your family. Keep the faith. Keep up the great work.

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

yes, it is SOOO worth it!

Joy said...

You are in my prayers and I hope that you continue to feel well and have lots of energy!

Dan said...

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Joy said...

HEY!! Your due date is no longer three digits!! YaYY!!! You and your precious family are in my prayers! Hope everything is going well!

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