Monday, August 03, 2009

James' 4th Birthday

James is turning 4 on August 14th! We had our GA family up for the weekend this past weekend though so we celebrated yesterday with a party outside at our house. We invited all the family as well as James' friends. I think all the kids had a really big time!

James was extremely pleased with his sports cake made by my friend Kari Beth. She did a great job. James was so happy with it!

We had a water balloon war for the party game. It was definitely a hit! Caleb Hash even got the bright idea to put some water balloons on the trampoline, fun!
Little 2 year old Grace, soaking wet but very content:-) We had a kiddie pool here also which worked well for the younger ones. (A big thanks to Pops for driving all the way back to Bluefield from Wytheville to bring it!) James' Mommy, Daddy, and GA family were up until midnight filling up all the water balloons out in the front yard. We completely filled the turtle pool and 4 buckets full of them!


Alexis said...

Very cute! Love the cake!

Joy said...

I can't believe that he is already four!! WoW!!! I remember when he was just a teeny tiny thing! His cake looks amazing!