Sunday, August 30, 2009

Less than 10 weeks to go!

Well, this pregnancy will soon be over! I am very much ready to meet our daughter for the first time and see what she looks like and what her personality is like. It will be so much fun to see how different she is from the rest of our children. My comfort level has greatly dimished this month. I am noticing that I have far less energy and alot more back and rib pain. I also have to go to the bathroom constantly and don't sleep well at night due to all of the above. I've been asked by my friends if I am having "hormonal moments". Its not been too bad really except that I seem to get stressed easier than usual due to my lack of energy and I did start crying recently when I realized I had been driving our van around with expired tags. All in all though things are going very well! I am enjoying our first official year of homeschooling and trying to make and freeze as much apple butter and applesauce as I can from our apple tree for the kids to enjoy over the winter. They love helping me gather the apples. The most fun part for Bubby is getting to throw all the bad ones down the hill. Daniel and I started the ministry training program at our church last week and we love it. I can tell it is really going to take us deeper in our relationships with God and eachother. We have classes 2 mornings a week from 7:30am to 9:30am. The kids love the fact that Amanda Woodrum babysits them and feeds them breakfast on those mornings. Thank God for home school students who are available to babysit at odd times! As far as other news goes. God has done some amazing things in our Family business and we are trusting Him to continue growing it for us. We took a Creative Real Estate Financing class in Richmond recently that we both really benefitted from. Isaac spent this past weekend with his grandparents in Bluefield and really enjoyed it. It was so strange only having 2 kids. We missed him alot! Especially James who begged me to go get him Friday morning and bring him home. He sure does love his big brother. We are heading down to the beach on Saturday and our whole family can hardley wait! We will be there for 7 nights. We go to Topsail Island N.C. because we like being able to stay away from all the people and can always find a place on the beach to be alone as a family. This will be our last vacation as a family of 5! A precious little 10 month old Mercy will be with us next year:-).


Paola said...

So good to hear the news! :) Don't stop writing! :) love you!

PS: please, let me know what you still need for Mercy! I don't wanna buy anything that you already have.

Joy ayoungoldlady said...

You are in my prayers and I hope that you will get to feeling better! I hope that y'all have a great vacation as a family of five, soon to be six! YaYY!!!