Monday, September 21, 2009

Our new niece

WElCOME TAYLOR ANNE BAILEY! 8lbs. 2 1/2 oz. 21 inches long
Wow, God answered our prayers! Lauren was 5 days overdue and scheduled to be induced this Tuesday if Taylor didn't come. Daniel and I were suppose to go home to VA on Sunday but since Lauren really wanted me here for the birth we decided to stay one more day and pray that Taylor would come naturally before we had to leave. The whole family had lunch together on Sunday and nothing appeared to be happening. A little later Lauren took a little bit of castor oil and then Lauren, Paola, Grandma, and myself decided to go to the mall and walk to see if that would help any. She did begin having some mild contractions during the afternoon but we still weren't sure if it was the real thing. We came home and walked some more and Lauren continued having mild contractions. Lauren and Michael headed home a little later and left Joseph here so they could get prepared to head to the hospital. They got there about 9:30pm and called for me to go ahead and drive up there. All the men stayed home with the kids while I drove mom and I to the hospital. She was already dilated 5-6 centimeneters by the time we arrived. Things moved very quickly and Taylor was born at 11:03pm. It was a beautiful birth! Lauren did it completely natural and did such a great job. It was my first time to ever see a baby be born. I am always the one in labor and can't enjoy it or observe anything! It was so special. I am so thankful God worked it out for me to be there for it. As you can see Taylor is a beautiful baby with fuzzy blond hair.
A very proud Uncle Daniel and Aunt Lindsay!
Uncle Daniel

We are so happy for Michael and Lauren!
Aunt Paola and Aunt Lindsay visiting Taylor this morning! Friday Night. Paola and Grandma both got pictures sandwiched between the 2 pregnant women. These were our last photo's pregnant together.

Grandpa did a great job entertaining my kids while Daniel was gone so I could stay with Lauren. I can't believe he already has them shooting bows and arrows! Their pretty good!


Kyle and Amy said...

Lindsay: First of all Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful niece! She is absolutely precious! I love the cookie cake idea! So cute! And I also think the picture of you, Lauren and Paola is especially cute! How amazing it must be to have been pregnant at the very same time as your sister. God is so good! Everything works according to His plan and purpose for our lives and I absolutely believe that He orchestrated little Taylor's arrival! How very VERY special that you were there to be a part of it! In no time you will be posting about sweet Mercy's birth and I can't wait! I'm inspired by your Lindsay and I pray sweet blessings on your family! Please send love and congratulations to Lauren and Michael from me and Kyle! We are so happy for all of your families! May God continue to sweetly bless you all in a very special way!

Kyle and Amy Brooker

Tyler and Kristin said...

I just stumbled across your blog and what a beautiful family you have! Congrats on almost 1 more as well :)

The Rich Family said...

Thankyou both very much!

The Rich Family said...
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Leah-Joy said...

She is beautiful!!! What a blessing to of been there! I hope that I can do that one day for one of my sisters!