Sunday, September 13, 2009

Re-cap of Summer 2009 ~ August

I already posted some pics of James' 4th birthday party but here is his birthday dinner on his actual birthday with just our family.

Daddy with the birthday boy

Bubby loves anything made with oreo's so I decided to make him a "Dirt Cake". As I figured...He LOVED it!

The Rich Family Reunion in Emory VA.
The oldest set of Rich brothers! PawPaw and Uncle Neel. Our boys, Isaac and James are the youngest set of Rich Brothers.
left to right: Cousin Kathy, Daniel, myself, Uncle Macon and Aunt Teresa.
Sissy ate a ridiculous amount of watermelon:-)

Blueberry Picking
In Early August we decided to spend a day out in the country. We started off with a picnic on the Appalachian Trail in Craig County and then went Blueberry picking at a Farm close to the trail. It was a really fun day! We picked lots of Blueberries to take home and freeze since we love eating them in our Pancakes. The kids really enjoyed this day. We let them take their Easter buckets to put their Blueberries in.
This pond was right next to the Blueberry Bush's. I just love this picture of our children!


Paola said...

I just love the last picture too!!

Amanda said...

These pictures are so cute!! It looked like they had an awesome summer!!! :)