Sunday, September 13, 2009

Re-cap of Summer 2009 ~ July

Here are a few pics of the 4th. followed by some pics of everyday life below.
This is Isaac and Grace participating in a show at the Salem Fair. They were adorable!

We love to eat on the 4th! Don't you? Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and homemade ice cream are among our family's 4th of July favorites:-)
After we ate we took the kids to the River in Radford to watch the Big fireworks show. Afterwards Daddy and the boys set off small fireworks in the road in front of our house while Sissy and I watched:-)

Everyday Life
I realized one day in July that I never take pictures of just everyday life in our family so I took a few pics at dinner one night. Yes we do let our boys run around with no shirts on when we aren't going anywhere:-) One of our favorite main dish's that does not require much trouble on my part. Roasted chicken and potatoes with fresh herbs. The kids actually like it. I don't have time to make time consuming meals anymore and I often turn to my quick roll recipe made out of whole wheat. This is what our kids dress like when they pick out their own clothes:-) Isaac is wearing winter clothes in July and James is wearing Isaac's clothes which are too big!

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Paola said...

hahaha...I'm here laughing about the clothes they choose! hahaha
At least this time James didn't put 6 underwear on at the same time!